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awek harimau malaya: episod ayah dan ibu

1. Author mana up status nk buat baju arsenal ni? Dia tak tahu ke terkedap ni kem Manchester United? GGMU bhai GGMU! Boo Arsenal!

2. Ramai haters man u rupa2nya readers terkedap ni. Tapi hakak peduli hape? Mwahahaha!
- 2nd September 2012, Twitter

Twitter. I told you yesterday, folks, that if I could then I would stop reading it during the weekend. I have not read tweets for the past 48 hours but I just could not shake this particular tweet off my head. It was a success and a failure at the same time :(

Sigh. Sometimes I just don't get it. Why must Malaysians quarrel over English clubs?

I mean, at the end of the day, all you have to do is to go back to the facts.

Here's my story:

Exactly after 90 years the club was founded, Chisha Cheryna Pires was borned. She was raised by her parents who were very fond of football. Her father was a Manchester United fan who adored George Best. Her mother was a huge supporter of Liverpool Football Club. She even named one of her sons closed to her favourite footballer's name, Ian Rush.

It was still a mystery on how these two lovebirds agreed to marry each other. The only thing they had in common was Negeri Sembilan which was their birth place and the country that they loved. Well, obviously these two hated the circumstances of which they had to watch football together. However, due to those differences, they closed the gap by watching Negeri Sembilan and Malaysia games together. They went to the stadium, wore yellow even though it had never been their favourite colour and sang Negaraku as loud as they could.

When it came to North West derby between Liverpool and Manchester United, they had fun. Well, Cheryna's father taught History and Geography at school. He always got his facts right. On the other hand, Cheryna's mother loved music and Shoot magazines. So she said all her facts were well written. They used this as a basis to converse and during constant overheated arguments, they joked about how Rembau and Kuala Pilah became historical rivals.

These two districts were in the same state. So did Manchester and Liverpool which was historically part of the county called Lanchashire. They also called off any chances of dissatisfaction by saying, that Liverpool was not Lenggeng as Manchester was not Mak Mandin. Why quarrel, they asked. It was not as if they had relatives in Salford, anyway. Then they had dinner together and rice was their staple.

Besides, their interest in the English clubs started when they went to British schools in the 60s and 70s. Ironically, even when both sang English schools songs, they went to the Seremban old stadium to watch football to support Negeri Sembilan and Malaysia. They said, "Borned in 1958, after merdeka, we were the history of our land's football. Where were we when they founded Liverpool in 1892 or when they changed the club's name from Newton Heath to Manchester United? That's their people's history."

Furthermore, it was a constant reminder to Cheryna that her mother suffered from insomnia when she was pregnant with her. That was the time when football was her mother's company since the Premier League matches was played late in the evening and there was World Cup in Italy in 1982. She asked her mother several times whether that was the reason she liked football so much as she grew older.

Her mother answered, "No. It was because Malaysia was not qualified. You became ill tempered because of that." Obviously, as an adolescent, she thought that was a joke.

By the way, she got to know about Serbegeth Singh (whom in her opinion had very minimal effect on her team Negeri Sembilan) way before he became a pundit who supported Tottenham Hotspur in ESPN. Obviously that was way prior to his service for Blackburn Rovers:)

Her parents brought her everywhere around the country to watch football. Since she was small, she was dressed in red t-shirts which was the initial supporter t-shirt's colour for Negeri Sembilan in the 80s and 90s and yellow-black muffler. She had no idea why her father asked her to wear those muffler since the stadium was damn hot. She had three younger brothers and their vacations were the stadiums. Stadium Larkin, Stadium Ipoh, Darul Makmur, Darul Aman, Stadium Kubu, Stadium Merdeka and their least favourite, Shah Alam.

Guess what? Cheryna's father made a point of taking the supporters bus when they got the chance. Otherwise, he drove all the way to make the family happy. She had wonderful journeys throughout her life!

When Cheryna was 12, she learned about international football. Her father, who was a chain smoker of the red Dunhill had this special partnership with her during World Cup 1994. Since she adored Gianluca Pagliuca, the Italian goalkeeper, he brought home piles of newspapers and taught her how to make a scrapbook.

That was one of the sweetest memory in her life. Her father had always asked her to keep important newspaper cuttings like the fall of Highland Tower, Princess Diana and Mother Theresa's funeral but he had never asked her to keep something fun like football. That has always been her mother's idea; since she was still collecting Shoot and The Star.

Due to that, she had always thought that parents had all the answers in the world. But there was one small difficult question that her parents did not managed to answer,

"There was no Malaysian Team picture on this Dunhill calendar. No Malaysia! Why is that?!" and she became tantrum when her father taught her about Tunisia and Columbia.

She argued, "This Valderrama rambut kembang! Azman Adnan lagi bagus!" and her parents looked at each other meaningfully.

After World Cup 1994, her mother taught her all the patriotic songs and how much her father was trying to plant something in her head. She went engrossed with several things. Obviously she just had her menses, so she had this weird spells when it came to Patrick Berger, Michael Owen and Jamie Redknapp. During Euro 1996, she created a nickname Cheryna Pires after her idol, Robert Pires. She learned how to cry when Roberto Baggio missed his penalty but it became worst each time Liverpool lost any matches against Manchester United.

Her parents diverted her attention. She was in a boarding school when it happened. So, they brought her to the stadium during the holidays. They introduced her to the lights of Zami Md. Noor, a striker who was originally from Kelantan but played for Negeri Sembilan. She had shyly told her mother a.k.a her best friend, "Handsomenya Zami!" Strangely, unlike other occasions, her mum approved. Once, her father guided her to the back of the stadium to meet Zami in person while he was waiting for his pretty wife to pick him up. Cheryna got her first autograph !

There were so many things happened since then. She collected several posters of Robert Pires; her father brought her to the stadium where she could get Khairil Zainal's autograph easily. Yes, he bought this cute feminine autograph from the book shop for her and he encouraged her to get it from her favourite players. She improved her confidence to speak in English when she saw glimpses of players like Jose Iriarte and Gus Cerro. Just to get their autographs.

She kept her savings for Adidas shoes; he brought a red, yellow and black Adidas (ori!) home. She commented that she loved Beehoon Kantonis, he brought her to the restaurant near Persatuan Bola Sepak Negeri Sembilan's building. Several occassions had passed since then. Cheryna became a young woman who made it a habit to go to the stadium.

Besides, that was a weekly outing for the family. She knew that was the only place where here parents would enjoy being in other's company because they agreed on the same thing. That was also the only place where she could do what she wanted as her brothers would always be around.

Yes, when there was a need to watch Premier Leagues games they watched it together. The only thing which made things went separate ways was that they were supporting different clubs. In a family of six, her father is the only one supporting Manchester United, her mother, her brother and Cheryna herself were supporting Liverpool, her other brothers were supporting Arsenal and Newcastle United respectively. There were six of them supporting four different clubs. At the same time all of them were supporting Negeri Sembilan and Malaysia!

But that was because their parents originated from the same state. Imagine how diverse it would be if it was the other way around.

For the last couple of years, her brothers made some changes in their ways of supporting. The most fanatic one taught them to chant; something that she longed to do ever since she was small. He bought new outfits for the family (and suddenly the whole family was wearing black and yellow). And at last, Cheryna found the use of a muffler in this very hot country.

We shall talk about that in the later posts, folks :)

Of course, she was still the same person who showed obvious admiration towards Steven Gerrard and Anfield. She was still unfavour of players with looks like David Beckham or Aidil Zafuan. It was not because she despised them, it was solely because she preferred them at the sports section rather than reading about them at the gossip columns. She had relationship with a Manchester United fan cum Kedah fan. If they were married, her in laws would be staying somewhere very near to Darul Aman Stadium :)

Ada aku kecoh? :)

But she knew she had a stand on football. Let ESPN or Sky became rich because she was watching Premier League matches on tv. But she made sure that she would watch the local games from the terrace.

For record, the only merchandise Cheryna had from Anfield was a dozen of LFC and Fernando Torres postcards as that was the lightest merchandise to fit the luggage:)

Plus, she had never purchased a single jersey regardless the originality.

She just knew how to balance things up. Football, in general was a game to be enjoyed and a history to be created. She knew she had left her mark when Negeri Sembilan held trophies and when Malaysia shed her tears after losing to Singapore (after she utilised two days of her annual leaves for that!!!). But she had made her mark.

When, Michael Owen won his Balon d'Or, she was nowhere in the picture. So, which moment was she supposed to be proud of?

She knew her parents had taught her well. Well enough to behave during this evening's game. She was nowhere near during Hillsborough tragedy. When Busby Babes crashed during Munich tragedy, she was not even borned yet! Of ourse she knew that he played for Liverpool, so what? It was 119 honours. 60 to Manchester United and 50 to Liverpool.

I'll keep my silence when I see your Updtown Danau Kota's Gajah Duduk jersey tonight. Cheers, lad!

No way I would be as shallow minded as you are.
Who are you, again?
A writer?
Aaaahhh..your tweets reflected on undivided love!!!

Patutlah. Penulis cerita cinta. Cinta negara tak?

p/s: Move on theory? Well, I have been taught to just walk on since I was small. I don't need you to teach me on how to love. I got enough from my parents and I'll keep their love until the end of time. Thanks, anyway :)


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