Sunday, September 09, 2012

teh tarik gelas besar

Wahai kau cinta
Sungguh tak ada yg bisa
Mampu berpaling darimu
Bila terlanjur sayang
Wahai kau cinta
Yang luluhkan hati ini
Membuat segalanya indah
Semua karena cinta

- Kapan Lagi by Radja

Hello beautiful people. Hello reading folks who hated me or missed me tremendously!

It has been a while, isn't it? My last posting was five months ago and I have to admit that there were times in life that I thought that this journey was about to end. I thought that it would be dead naturally.

But here I am. As if I have been given a CPR; living and shitting like nobody's business.

Let's talk about the sudden change. Let's talk about where I have been missing. Let's read.

Almost a year ago, I finally tore down my wall of ego by buying a smartphone. Yes, I knew I was a prick when it came to expensive phones but hey, I needed to change! I had to change. I must change. When blog was not a famous technology, I embraced it. Why shouldn't phones received an equal treatment?

Well, the answer was simple. There was no right phone, right tools which could satisfy me. I read somewhere in Twitter (well, that was consider a new vocab, wasn't it), a girl who appeared in hijab mentioned:

"She should find a dick to satisfy her."

Apparently, I had to disagree with that statement.

Dear lovely 25 year old virgin (I trust she was),

Did you know that not all dicks were satisfying? How sure were you that a person needed only a dick to satisfy herself? Have you heard of the word short and long, tiny and thick? I believed somewhere in your secluded kampong there must be a place where you could watch tv? Or were you the type of person who were just innocent and clueless about dicks?

Then why were you even mentioned it? Well never mind. You were just wasting a paragraph of my posting here. Whether or not you knew how a dick tasted like was none of my business anyway. Maybe you knew about dick, or you knew a Dick. That was why you were very sure about that :)

Unlike the girl who mentioned dick without even knowing actually she was talking about, I knew what exactly I was looking for. I was just waiting for a moment to buy one. So, after few months of waiting, consulting and even preparing myself towards a change of preference, I finally spent the money for it.

As a bookaholic, my requirement was to be able to read while I was traveling. Alhamdulillah, I got what I need. For the past few months I had my reading with technology - I finally read an e-book and I got to comment about the books I read.

Besides that, I also wanted a phone which could be used as a good traveling camera. Guess what? I finally captured a picture of Ayam Pansuh in Sarawak the last time I went there.

And last but not least, I wanted to activate my Twitter account. I had that account, if I was not mistaken, since 2008 or 2009. I remembered its password until today but was not fond of it as I had no time to look at it. So, I have decided that in order for me to reach the world faster, I must looked into that Twitter account. Well, of course, I had to bury the sentiments of "inaccurate news" "bad languages" "inappropriate grammatical errors" "posers" and things like that before I reactivated my account.

I did. Not in full though. I was adjusting myself to it as I was adjusting myself towards using the touch screen. It was kind of funny; considering that I was working with a telecommunication company. But I managed. With help of the close ones especially my brothers.

One day, while I was reading the breaking news, football gossips and traffic updates via Twitter, my brother tweet me and asked me to click the "follow" button. The name of the tweethandle was @comradenami. My brother explained that he was a Liverpool supporter (just like me), a blogger (just like me) and a writer (not exactly like me). He said, I would enjoy @comradenami's tweet.

Considering that my brother knew best about what I prefer and didn't, I clicked the button. There I was, reading about his rant on Liverpool transfers, hijabsters, books...and relationships. My brother was the one who introduced me to Terfaktab; a blog which talked about relationships etc. Well, he knew what I like and didn't. So, why not?

There were times when I replied his tweets and received no answer for it. I thought, well, it must went in a que of something. But there was this one special night when he replied. We were talking about Italian football team when he tagged a tweethandle called @ezmira86 into his tweet.

Well, folks, for some who have known me for a while, you knew how fond I was with the Italian team. And Gianluca Pagliuca. For my brothers, it was a joke that they just won't shrug away: I cried on the day Roberto Baggio missed his penalty during World Cup 1994 and refused to go to school until ibu had to drag me to the bus.

So, Italy was a bit of a sensitive matter. And for @comradenami to just drag a girl in the conversation was like, "Hey, what were you thinking?" I had those experiences of girls who only admired Nesta's haircut instead of his legs. I had moments when friends refused to switch the channel because they wanted to watch Italian faces instead of the Zinedine Zidane.

It happened too fast and before I managed to actually grasp what was happening, @ezmira86 was angry. And @comradenami was apologising. I was pissed. Well, I had my fair share on Italy. They just didn't know about it.

But in both occassions, my brother was the witness. So he asked me to log on into the computer and showed me this blog called Teh Tarik Gelas Besar. Well, I was stunned. I took my phone and saw the names for the first time:

Nami Cob Nobbler
Ezreen Emira Sulaiman

Eh, this sounded so familiar...

My brother asked me whether it was familiar. I said, "Yup!"

So, it made sense. Everything made sense. I read some of the articles in Terfaktab and had difficulties in reading some of the articles because well, perhaps I was older than some of the writers and I always thought that some ideas were good but could have been made in simpler ways. Some were too simple and needed additional salt and pepper.

But Nami's was just perfect. I have been reading it, followed his blog and had once read Ez'. I just couldn't remember that part. I just missed that part while I was reading his name on my Timeline. I missed the part that I was much a blogger than a twitter.

I had to admit that I had my own argument on the incident happened between Nami, Ez and myself but then...yeah, I missed the part of me being a blogger who did not officially followed their blogs but knew about it. By the time I realised that, Nami announced that Ezmira was dead.

It took me some time to actually tweet Nami (yeah, sometimes he could be too emotional) and I knew he was grieving. There was a time when I badly wanted to do it. It was actually when I saw a picture of cheddar cheese on a spaghetti carbonara that I was thinking of Ez. It was the time when someone tweet about mozarella when it made me wanted to talk about the whole damn thing.

He snapped at me, of course. He was angry, definitely. But there was no harm in trying. He was just my brother's age by the way, regardless how mature he sounded. There would always be a spot of him which acted his age or younger.

Things were showing its progress in Twitter. When I could positively tweet him back, he announced that he was closing Teh Tarik Gelas Besar - a blog which was inspired by his late ex-girlfriend, Ez.

I had to admit that I had this lump in my throat when I read that hastag #GoodbyeTTGB. Well, I knew part of the story was Awek Chuck Taylor. Guess what? I didn't even realised that! As an active bookaholic, I missed THAT book when I did not missed his other book, Lelaki Eksistensial. Things were just going reverse when it came to these two.

At 12:00 am this morning, Nami had officially closed his blog and from my reading, it was for good. Several responses in Twitter have made clear of his friends and foes, fans and haters. Well, at least he have those.

This was the only thing which caused me to still typing my blog for the first time in few months. I would say that I was a bit like going to rehab for a while. There was nothing to write.

Until today.

Dear Nami and Ez,
I apologise for the Italian incident.

There. I mentioned it. At last.

When Nami closed Teh Tarik Gelas Besar, it made me wonder whether I should close Behind The SEPET Eyes of Cheryna. This blog, as much as Teh Tarik Gelas Besar was concerned, was inspired by a person even though it was created waaaaaaayyy back before I met him.

Yes. Nami was strong to do that. He got his books.

As far as I'm concerned, it's the other way around. Hehe:P

So, tell me, should I?

Ohh...I can see someone's clapping her feet already.


Dee said...

jgnlah close..aiseh...rindulah kat sha..bila kita nak jumpa..k dee utang ada utang sha tau..btw..please delete binatang word verification ke apa ntah kat komen ni..susah org rabun mcm k dee nak type tau...

Cik Qemm said...

Dont. Huhu..

Šĥű© said...

pls dont.

Faezah Zee said...

Just be what you are who you are. Act on your impulse, instead of others. Love you darling. Kisses from Bucheon.

Faezah Zee said...

Just be what you are who you are. Act on your impulse, instead of others. Love you darling. Kisses from Bucheon.

aBoi said...

please don't close... T_T