Tuesday, September 25, 2012

una deliciosa galleta

blogresipi - one of my favourite blogs:

I read this somewhere: 
"If you do not know your own heart, then how do you expect anyone to sincerely know you?" 

My answer is simple. A statement in your blog determines what type of person you are. Okay, I see hands raising over there. Why? Blog is outdated and Twitter is updated? Hello, have you heard of social media, my friend? :)

Some bloggers are twitters and some twitters are bloggers. I am both. Blogging is my passion and tweeting is my hobby because I'm traveling 160 kilometres per day. Nevertheless, it is easier for me to leave Twitter but it is damn difficult for me to stop blogging. Not to mention my latest addiction, Instagram:)

Why do I love these two - Blogger and Instagram?

I know my own heart when I post an article in this blog and when I upload a picture via Instagram. 

When I write a blog, most of the time it will take the minimum of an hour for me to do so. That is because it will take time for me to think of what needs to be posted, whether it will benefit others, what will I get out of my own post, and most importantly whether I'm using the correct references.

Instagram, however, reflecting on my activities and picturusqe thoughts. Sometimes I see something simple and valuable (which most of the time the food that I eat). That does not come easily either. As a traveler, I will pass several buildings and places. As a single, I get to hang out everywhere I want and with whomever I like. There are times when I forget to snap pictures. There are times when the moments are captured with the hands of an ametuer. Nevertheless, these pictures are real events in my life. I might be using several applications to make the pictures look good, but the pictures must serve as my momental thoughts.

To conclude, I prefer something from my heart to be presented to others :)

Do you realise that sometimes a person that you knew for the past one year means a lot to you than the ones that you just met few days ago? 

I'm mentioning the word "sometimes" because there are occassions when that might not be the case. Sometimes, you knew that person for years but still, it takes years to actually know the true colour.

"You knew you were eating a canned biscuit after you'd tried a fluffy, tender, homemade one with crisp buttered top, the whole of it split open and doused with honey."
- Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas, page 224

Years have passed and some of the bloggers are not writing anymore. There a bloggers who prefer Twitter as to express their creativity.

But is it really creativity? Is that all?

Remember when Nuffnang was created, there were bloggers who ranted about how some people tend to visit other people's blog for the sake of the money? Or for the sake of getting people to visit his or blog?

Bloggers, after several years have become a community. Some of us become real friends, some form alliance for group writing, some publish books. A blogger becomes well known because of the hardwork in finding readers, their writing, their pictures, their controversial links with other bloggers...and their attitude.

These days, their tweets count (regardless how rubbish it is)

Guess what?

I don't really care about fame. 
I care about your sincerity. And loyalty. 

Last week, I went through comments in this blog since 2004. I automatically knew where I should stand:

If one person made no attempt in reading properly, why talk about sincerity?
If one person made no attempt for reasearch, why bother advising?
If one person made no attempt in recepting feedback, why should I care?

You're my fluffy honey biscuits, folks.
Even if you're just a person.

You taste better than dozen of canned biscuits :)

p/s: If you want to talk about sincerity, dear snob, check your own heart. Sincere ke?


Neeza Shahril said...

Sha, to me kan.. in blogging, I don't expect people to be sincere in reading my blog. Sekarang ni people make money by blogging.. some people drop by our blog with a purpose. They want us to visit them back.. To increase traffic.

Akak blog suka2 je Sha.. kalau ada orang baca okay. Takde orang baca pun okay je hehee..

cikzara said...

kak sha. so damn true lah. tapi memang betul. dulu suka blog, then twitter, then sekarang nih instag pulak.

then dekat instag follow semua foods punya pic. apa lagi. meleleh lah bila tengok. hahaha

Treatntrick Treat and Trick said...

Thanks for sharing your thought but haven't tried Twitter yet. I normally blog about what I had tried/tested and want others to give it a try. It takes a lot of time and creativity to impress...

izan said...


akak zan setuju dengan neeza ... bagi akak blog sekadar pengisian peribadi .. sbb sekarang hampir setiap individu mempunyainya ... terpulang apa yang ditampilkan .. samada dia menjadi sesuatu atau ... biar sebegitu .. yang pasti akak zan tak mengharapkan apa2 disitu ... cuma untuk memanjangkan silaturahim ... akak cuba pastikan sesekali akak mengintai rakan2 insyaAllah...

lupekanje said...

I write when I am ready to write. ..
For sure, I want to write something that can give benefit to me, and to the reader...at least, we can get something or think of something good for life...for hereafter. But I dont want, when I am no more in this world, people read my writing, and they will say bad thing on me...huhu.. have to clear out that type of writing from my blog.

fiza said...

Tak pernah ber twitter lagi. Pernah daftar tapi dah lupa password. ORg kata klo dah ada twitter memang boleh lupa blog lah >_<.

Saya ber blog mula2 tu hanya sekadar suka2. Bila kawan2 ada blog, kita pon nak ada blog juga. Tapi bila dah lama blogging rasa seronok plak. Selalunya saya blog pasal anak2, breastfeeding, sharing info & tips. Tempat luahan perasaan pon yer gak, tapi tak keterlaluan lah. Bila dpt income hasil blogging...lagi makin teruja. Tapi tak der lah sampai nak paksa2 org follow blog kita. Klo ada yg baca...ok lah. Klo tak der pon tak kisah pon.

Dee said...

i know u thru blogging..from cyber world to reality..i feel awesome..

i have twitter account but i don't like twitter..sorry..coz i saw so many provocations done in twitting..prefers facebooking more than twit2..

instag? luv it..keep on posting all those delicious food will u? hahaha..

Kengkawan said...

i write for myself, utk kenangan di hari tua, n definitely not for nufnang segala...

read many blogs tp only a few je yg i leave comments, takut salah cakap hehe