Tuesday, October 02, 2012

ceritera 2 orang bookaholics

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Hello folks!

I just want to ask you this question today:

"Have you ever met someone in your life and found out that even if you just met her/him yesterday, you felt as if you have known him/her forever?"

I did. Yesterday. Approximately a year ago, I started buying my books online. As most of you were aware, English books used to be quite expensive but ever since BookXcess has been opened, some books were affordable and normal bookstores like Popular and MPH have started to provide us with good bargains.

So, as I went through this sessions of buying books via Facebook, I met several people along the way. We got to know each other, we sent private messages, we tweet, we read each other's blogs, and ultimately, we called each other. We proudly called ourselves: BOOKAHOLICS.

Yesterday I met one of my fellow Bookaholics, Marly. Marly went down to KL for a business trip so we took this precious opportunity to meet each other at our favourite book store, Kinokuniya :)

I didn't know what caused me to invite Marly for coffee yesterday evening. In reality, I had this old principle of not meeting people whom I knew on-line. This was due to several incidents which happened before.

I used to be a moderator for a famous forum back in the early millennium and I had no intention of repeating the gatherings I joined previously. I mean, some were really nice. But I just could not stand any judgmental comments, that was all. 

On one of the occasions that I met my on-line buddies, they made a comment about a crippled guy who joined the gathering. The worst nightmare was when I got robbed while I was meeting my blog followers 8 years ago. Both occasions have shaken me up to a point when I thought that I never wanted to recall any seconds which left me unhappy.

The only good time I had with an on-line buddy was when I went for dinner with Kak DeeKuntum at Tony Roma's back in 2010.

Marly was special - it started with only few touch on the phone screens and voila, the time was set! Not only because she was an avid reader of the books that I like; she was a natural bookaholic! It was true enough because when it started to drizzle and I was late for our first what-we-called-a-date; she chose the right and most precise spot to hangout:
Coffee Club Express, Kinokuniya, KLCC

The Coffee Club Express, Kinokuniya, KLCC

I was not sure why it was almost like telepathic.  While I was sitting in a cab, I kept on thinking about inviting her for a nice coffee session. So I went  online and checked through all menus, all cafes in KLCC. I had the impression that since we both loved books, a cafe in the book store would be lovely.

Aye, even if we met in Bukit Bintang or Midvalley, I would definitely asked her to go to Borders :)

But Marly knew better. She texted me and her decisions calmed me down a bit (at the same time made me excited!). She advised me that she was waiting for me at the cafe in Kinokuniya. She made the decision and that was a real deal :)

My heart beat faster. I have never been so nervous since I met Kak Dee last time. What if she found out that I was not as beautiful as the lattes I uploaded in my Instagram? What if I fart? 

No, it was not that difficult. The moment I reached Coffee Club, I realized that she looked more beautiful than her pictures. She appeared just like my imagination. Apparently, she love artful blouses as well; which made it easier to converse casually. And the moment I managed to catch my breath, her question was:
"Nak minum coffee apa hari ni?"

I grinned. And we talked. And we talked. And talked. And we forgot to order. And damn Coffee Club for having several varieties of latte. 

Then we broke the conversation by ordering our food. Finally! I ordered Almond Latte. She ordered Mocha. I ordered Norwegian Catch which was the salmon sandwich. She ordered turkey sandwich. Look at how well we clicked. 

My Norwegian Catch & Marly's Turkey Sandwich
I was the worst person with Galaxy Note. I took pictures of my food (which became a habit recently).  Marly, on the other hand, was calmer even though she was the one with iPhone 4S. Plus, Marly wore a better expression than mine. Her complexion was flawless, lass!!! I envied her in a sense that she was wearing (or not wearing) a make up and still looked nice!

We started to compare pictures and post and status and websites using our phone. While doing that, we sipped our nice coffee. It made me smile when Marly commented:
"Mocha dia tak cukup cantik. Tak ada art kat atas ni."

Aye. I had the same opinion towards my latte. Then she asked me this very precious question:

"Best tak jadi barista, Sha?"

Aye!!! Marly was reading this blog! Yeay! I was honored  She even knew that I stopped writing for quite some time. She learned about what I liked and the other way around. Eventually we went to our nerdy talks in grammar, books, and articles. Afterwards, we went slowly to work...and privately spoke about our long forgotten ambitions and dreams.

I found out that sometimes it took such a long time to get to know a person and mingle  but it was too easy with Marly. She had courage and she was damn brilliant. Her opinions were not fake; she loved research and she was very honest and not judgmental.  I bet my friends would love her too. Not to mention the other Bookaholics :)

After a while, we went down to the book store and started to rummage through books. I showed her some of the books which in my opinion, needed second opinion. Alhamdulillah, Marly's point of view was not that far behind and she made me think in different angles and perceptive  In my mind, I was referring her as mocha. Soothing, delicious and not overwhelming, a combination of coffee and chocolate and great art.

Even with small amount of time in our hands, we managed to go through several books, several authors, several articles, several sentences, and several words. I found out that both of us like Sarah Addison Allen and Sarah Strohmeyer and both were coffee addicts. 

Marly loved Jill Mansell and she kept a collection. On the other hand, I only had a copy.  However, she  was not so lucky because I have Sugar Queen in my collection of Sarah Addison Allen. Sarah Strohmeyer's books remain in the competition. I bet she will win again.

We also found out that Marly loved US publishers. In contrast, I loved UK publishers. So, our "litmus test" for this were Harry Potter novels - she read Scholastic while I read Bloomsbury.

Those findings were obtained within three hours only. But we felt as if we knew each other for a long time. 

Since there was no seat for us to read, we spread our books on the wooden floor. We had our pictures there - taken by an Iranian. It was damn hard to say goodbye.

My over foam latte & Marly's artless mocha
This morning, Marly's picture of us in FB was, "Just met her ystrdy but i feel like ive knwn her forever."

I agreed, dear Marly. Your presence made me ecstatic to read and write again :)

I had to leave at 10 p.m after Marly did some book shopping but I enjoyed her company! I hope she will come down to KL again for Big Bad Wolf this coming December:)

Coffee and books brought two strangers together. That was a true story - no metaphors needed. 

Latte and Mocha boleh bersatu?

That made us laughed. I can still hear our laughter.


Apple said...

Lol. Kinda like deja vu. Isnt it?

Have you read literature from Japan such as Norwegian Wood, The Woman In The Dunes. They're great too. Lol.

fiza said...

Wah...excited saya membacanya. Tapi...kenapa tak der gambar kamu berdua >_<.

Cik Qemm said...

you always know how to write a story beautifully.

some times it is inspiring to hang out with 'strangers' right?

Anita Mohamad said...

best kan jumpa geng yang minat sama ngan kite..ade je bende yg blh dicerita..x boring...

daww lama gle x baca buku cite...dah malas dah sb dah ade mende2 online ni..hehhehee

MAY said...

wah...bestnye...eh..gbr mknn je?orgnye mane?

*laju sungguh htr komen..hehe...kalau dah 9 bulan hopefully blh pki lagik baju tu.sbnrnye bli baju tu utk pki pki lps bsalin jgk.hehe...sbb skrg pun masih blh pki semua baju kurung modern ke opis..kecuali baju yg betul fit!ayoo...tak bernapas my bby nnt..haha...

aBoi said...

Love this post ! (^_^)

I used to hang out with someone whom I know from a forum long time ago. We met once and continuously contact each other after that. But then, we suddenly stop contacting each other. Haven't heard about her until now. What a waste. huhu.

Oh, by the way. I have tons of books that I haven't read yet. I guess I'm not a bookaholic anymore..huhu

Kella said...

terima kasih sudi singgah blogku.. =)
do keep in touch ya..

lupekanje said...

its signed of good, if we can communicate well with a person that we never meet. The friendship will stay long...insyaAllah..
sometimes, its hurt when we tot it will stay long, but it didnt happen as expected...

Kengkawan said...


Kengkawan said...


zino said...

both of you have one common interest to talk about

boni kacak said...

hahaha.. terbelit2 otak saya nak mentafsir entri ni.hehehe

Neeza Shahril said...

I'm happy for you Sha... kak neeza selalu wish I have that interest. Most of my friends are.. rasa tak best bila dengar mereka borak2...

Dee said...

wah2..2 kali tu mentioned nama k dee tp k dee visit blog sha lambat sehari pulak..sorry..being bz..

btw, org mcm sha k dee rasa tak susah kot nak click..nak2 dpt yg same interest..k dee dh lost interest..sbb byk sgt benda online..

both of u cute masa kat lantai dengan buku2 tu..k dee rasa dah like kan pic tu kat insta..hahaha..