Monday, October 22, 2012

you are so sweet

Lamington Cake @ Cake Sense, KLCC

I was busy, folks. Perhaps you have realised that I have not been around for few days. You were visiting me and I was not visiting you back. I would like to apologize for the inconvinience. As a limited broadband user, I have to always remind myself that there was a limit of my usage. Sometimes I have forgotten the fact that using it for work or to watch a video would cause a slower speed.

This month, it was not controlled. Therefore, my usage of internet was limited to updating my own blog which required hours to do so. So, no blogwalking has been done for the past 3 days. I'm really really sorry.

There were times when I felt that blogging was a way to know who was sincere and who was not.
Who was paying attention.
Who was the one who have guts to say that you were wrong.
Who was the one who was still there regardless your absence.
Who was the one who actually accepted you for who you were.
Who was the one who have been less judgemental.

But then again, that won't be fair. Each and every blogger has different reasons to blog. They have different aspiration and creativity is something objective for us to set up an argument. So, to  say that some people were more sincere and loyal to me was definitely inaccurate and bias:)

However, I was more than happy, folks. The feeling was indescribable when I saw 14 comments on my blog when the article was long, posted during the weekend, and not hip and funny. (7,8- bola ke bunga?) I could not helped it but to crack a naughty grin when I knew that all this 14 was actually paying attention towards the words I have mentioned in my mediocre piece of writing.

Those people were...

Khalilah MNor
Neeza Shahril
Remy hazza
Jna marcello
boni kacak
Len Mullen
Cik Nurul Siezuka
Kesuma Angsana

I would be consider as a liar if I told you that your comments were NOT making me smiled the whole day. I was having my PMs up to the extend of breaking my no MC record this morning and there you were; making me happy by giving attention to the details. I felt appreciated. It was not easy to write about the person I loved with all my heart. Period pain was at its worst - I vomitted, had cramps all over, and ache at the places where I wished won't ache at all ;)

This situation reminded me of the return of Marhamah. She was back to work last week and guess what? For once, I was hugging her so tightly, I was not planning of letting her go. I learned that I missed her so much; up to the extend that I was thinking that letting her go, not seeing her everyday would be one of my biggest challenge.

We were both tired - with work and the recent events in our lives.

One day, I asked Marhamah to follow me to Cake Sense. I wanted her to taste Lamington Cake which I tasted with Rara the other day. We were fortunate. That was the last piece of RM3.50 Lamington Cake sold by Cake Sense. Yippie!

As both of us were sitting down in the LRT, we put the small portions of Lamington Cake in our mouth. We closed our eyes as we went into delirium - it was soft, smooth, chocolate which brought us to the sky, and coconut which landed us softly on our feet. The taste was heaven and it helped us to relax.

Some say that it was the chocolate effect.

I disagree. Aye, chocolate was great. But being with someone who knew you well, paid attention towards the simplest matters made all the difference. Like missing Marhamah for 2 weeks and had her back with Lamington. Like relaxing with Hokkaido Cake with Rara. Like having your comments in my blog and made me aware that it was read.

Recently, I made new friends who knew the exact thing about me by being with me. It brought smile to my face when I woke up in the midst of massive traffic jam on Maju Expressway (MEX), before I go to sleep after a long, tiring and emotional day or when I was curling on my bed after the sanitary pads were changed.It amused me to know that someone noticed that I used "aye" instead of "yes" in my sentence.

Sometimes, your topics might not be similar with the person you were talking to. You might be talking about the purse you saw at Guess and the need to reduce weight so that you can fit the old Somerset Bay Top. He might be talking about trading 3 trainers over a valuable CP Company Goggle Jacket which, in normal circumstances, was none of your concern. But then, it mattered. All of the sudden.

Old friends, new friends. They were like Lamington cake.

Aye folks, I just received a text from the sweetest Lamington Cake just now. It was about one of my favourite books.

Let's save that story then.

I'm closing my eyes - you were too sweet for a person who takes no sugar in her cup of coffee.

Thank you, everyone:)


Pocket said...

i'd say that finding a friend who understand u the most in blogging world is the best thing that could happen to any blogger.

U've found 'Friends' rather then 'Followers' or 'Fans'

someone who read your stuff and relate to it, understood it and best of all pouring their side of the story or opinion upon each post :D

that will become the strength for each writer i guess. and that alone may lead us to sleepless night writing :D,

good for u ^^

Khalilah MNor said...

Means that we readers are also greater, lagi sweet than chocolates? Jom makan kami~!;) Tp, old besties mmg lagi sweet... Entry sha tak boleh di judge awal2 dr tajuk. So mmg kena baca~ Suprisingly, mmg ralit baca sampai ke sudah... :)Kalaulah boleh habiskan entries sebelum ni... btw, ade ke pemain bola sepak nama aidil adha? Adoi... ;P

Slalu amik panadol warna pink b4 start period. Kalau tak rasa nak tercabut perut.

Cikgu Ma said...

maaf sha..lama tak singgah :(

1) quite busy
2) lost your blog link huhu...

Kesuma Angsana said...

tq mention KA in this N3, always tried to read each of the word in yr N3 till the end. luv it !

Len Inouie said...

Lol.. i wrongly use profile. i got caught. Hahaha...

Hmm.. true. U're getting friends instead of fans..but i like it.

I have long distance long time internet friends. Since MIRC until FB.


Good to hear from you.
Of course I notice your 'aye'.

Rai Ourkizuna said...

kan..bila baca komen setiap entry tu kita boleh tau orang tu komen just for the sake of commenting ke.. dia membaca dengan sincere dan komen dengan ikhlas..

the way you describe pasal lamington cake tu buat saya drooling jugak la.. T_T

eh..take care of your pms..some says that period pain might be due to lack of mineral calcium and magnesium (not balance)..

LydSunshine said...

Lamington cake. Haaa. Lepas ni mungkin akan jadi trend terbaru plak kat blog selepas durian crepe dan Tako Tao.

Mekasih la ye sebab selit jgk nama saya. Tapi saya pun sama juga mcm awak. Saya pun boleh beza org yang komen kat blog saya tu sama ada dia baca atau tidak keseluruhan entry. Kadang2 hanya nak tinggalkan komen je walaupun tak related langsung apa yang dia komen tu dgn apa yg saya citer. Itu bukan sebab dia tak pay attention jgk. Tapi langsung tak baca, atau sekadar baca tajuk. Tapi ye lah. Macam awak kata, kita takleh la nak terasa ke apa. Sebab mereka ada cara tersendiri.

Marhamah tu siapa la sebenarnya? Rara plak sape?

wahida said...

eh, ada nama aku la...

tanjat gegirl...nak komen lain tadi, sekali nampak nama sendiri, terus komen lain...ekekek...

Wak Gelas™ said...

a friend in need is a friend indeed,, wak tumpang singgah jakk.. ahhks

wantie said...

thanks.. cause highlight my name there.. like to read the way your writing dear.

mmm.. I'am not a cake lover. but some time i'm enjoyed of eating it.

good friend are always concern about their friend.Did I.. you guess

Dee said...

baca blog sha kena concentrate..kalau tak, tak smpi maksud..dan boleh tersalah translate..

title u selalu deceiving from what u blog..btw..k dee tetiba mimpi mcm nak buka blog lagi belum ada kekuatan dan karisma sebagai penulis sejati mcm sha..hehehe..

Bui Junaidi said...


Dinas Aldi said...

This is indeed a sweet entry. The people on the list must be so happy to be appreciated :)

Nak cari Lamingtons cake..nak cari Lamingtons cake..nak cari Lamingtons cake..

MAY said...




Dear Sha, firstly let me wish you a belated birthday! Sorry for the late wishes as I was out of touch with the cyberworld for a week, thanks to streamyx! Secondly, am down with cold. But I did read your comment on my wedding anniversary (which was the last comment I read before streamyx screwed me up).

Hope you had a blast on your birthday...may all your wishes come true!

boni kacak said...

hmm.. saya minta maaf banyak2 kalau ada komen saya yang lepas2 tak selari atau tak berkenaan dengan entri awak.sejujurnya saya memang tak mahir langsung dalam english ni.boleh dikatakan tahap kritikal. tapi, saya cuba memahamkannya.. mana yang saya faham itulah yang saya komen.hehe.kalau saya komen tu bukan2, maknanya pemahaman saya tu salah.hehehe. tapi yang entri hari tu, memang saya dapat faham sikit2.. dah dua kali awak mentioned nama saya ni.hehehe.. blushing2 pipi saya..hehe

Remy hazza said...

thanks for adding remy as a special person in your entry...... InsyaAllah...always be here.....

yup...remy pun really enjoy reading kat sini.... leh improved diction dan word.... salute sangat.....

back to entry..... after 2 week kalu kwn sejati hilang dari pandangan for sure rasa lain kan.....kepenatan dan kesuraman kekadang boleh terubat dgn benda2 yg tak kita sangka......
a sweet moment at lrt with petite priceless....
cake and pren !!!!! both mendamaikan.....

zino said...

nak komen pendek je.. selamat hari raya korban.. balik gayo somban ko?

Lady Windsor said...

Hope you ok..pls drink a lot of water to reduce pain...
I read the previous entry ( ecehh nak juga beritahu...) but I hv no idea at all when it comes about ball atau related to football player...bukan setakat kaki bangku, tak tahu dan tak minat bola mahupun pemain bola..(my bad) but then if u ask me about tukang masak...yes I am..:)
I know your entry often took time to read but I like to read the 'narratif inside you...' instead of 'read between the lines' ..:)

Errr lamington eh? If I'm not mistaken, the future cake/muffin for next year is canele from Bordeaux..

Jna marcello said...

nahh~ itu laa lamingtons cake yg ditggu2 hiks..

1st of all TQSM kak sha da 2kali mention name na dlm entry kak sha *TERHARUUUUUUUUU!!!!
lebih semangat nak bace entry kak sha after this *propa x? khikhik
no laa kak sha seriously bace entry kak sha bole improved our English skills *nampak x kat ctu kak sha da jd mcm english teacher? heheh
(da laa free2 kak sha share 2 every1 so HARUS laa bace setiap new entry form kak sha (tapi kekadang nk try gak tgk kak sha buat entry in malay nak tgk ayat kak sha camne hihi *TERCABAR x??? gurau je kak sha

pasal entry kali ni just nk bagi sikit je cmmnt sbb da pjg lebar da cmmnt na ni mcm nk buat new entry plak kat kak sha nye blog heheh just nk bgtw pasal broadband..kak sha guna laa YES! the best lajuuuu n no buffering hikhihkik Wifi dye bole connect 3-4 lappy taw! lajuuuuu hehehe

fiza said...

Saya tak sweet ker?...hehehe...Sorry lah sha klo komen saya selalu lari dari tajuk. Bak kata kak dee, baca entry u ni kena penuh dengan konsentrasi ☺☺☺

Cik Nurul Siezuka said...

Wah... X sangkanya Nama nurul ade di situ..

Kengkawan said...

sama... overlimit d broadband usage, resulted slow giler n loading ur blog.

x sama.
x penah mkn lamington cake.

lain sket kot..
once upon a time i hv a fren yg kalau dia mkn apa pun, r ada any new things, she will heret me all d way from perak to kl, to taste it n make sure i hv it oso. even though dh berthn hilang dr radar but i still x leh lupa. guess, ur marhamah wont forget d day u took her for dat cake oso.:-)