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lelaki eksistensial pujaan nina zilli

@comradenami - your book and my affogato boleh bersatu ;-) #LelakiEksistensial by cheryna_27
@comradenami - your book and my affogato boleh bersatu ;-) #LelakiEksistensial, a photo by cheryna_27 on Flickr.

"Selepas dua minggu berkenalan dengan Fitrana gadis muslimah dalam filem "Cinta Luhur Dari Ilahi" ni dah berada di sebelah katil aku. Seperti yang telah dikatakan oleh Don Vito Corleone yang aku ubah sikit untuk kesesuaian cerita - "I'll make an offer she can't resist".
Lelaki Eksistensial, Bab 1, Page 11.

Folks, it has been mentioned in my post - teh tarik gelas besar, that I used to disagree with Nami Cob Nobbler, the author of Lelaki Eksistensial regarding  our tweets on the Italian football team. We were busy disagreeing; I have forgotten to talk about this quote  from the legendary Mario Puzo.

Mario Puzo was the author introduced by our parents to their four children. The first time I got to know about Mario Puzo was when I went to this flea market in front of Sports Toto near the Chinese area in Seremban. My mother, my pride, showed me The Godfather written by the author. Apparently, our parents liked his books and the movie. I bought the book for only RM5 that day. It was a secondhand book in a good condition.

Since then, it became my brothers' favourite. 
Since then, they understood about how Italy, in a way, influenced my ways of doing things.
Since then, they rarely laughed at me about Gianluca Pagliuca.
Since then, we learned  about Sicilly.
Since then, Cheryna Pires was using Nina Zilli's 50 Mila as her ringtone.

We talked in almost the same language; my brothers and I. Maybe that was the reason why we admired authors like Jk Rowling and sacrificed our money for the sake of Bloomsbury books. Mario Puzo, was another example of how an author brought us together. We like Gordon Ramsay and could spend hours together on one cook book. We also adored Ahadiat Akashah (though this was quite new to my younger brothers).

And we just could not stop reading Nami Cob Nobbler's books.

I found out that our siblings (all four!) followed him in Twitter. No other author have that privilege :)

Frankly, he was the only author who impressed my mother with his tweets. You see, while sitting in front of the tv, we used our smartphones to verbally converse with each other. Especially during football matches. One of us would read an interesting tweet for the whole family. The others will comment.

Nami - in a way, amused my mum when he tweet about Liverpool.
Nami - made our dad confused with my brother's comments on teachers.
Nami - made us talked about whether I should write my blog again.

We have never met Nami, but aye...Nami was the talk of our Cosa Nostra. 

Pink Floyd by cheryna_27
Pink Floyd, a photo by cheryna_27 on Flickr
We went to a BookFest at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and searched for several books. We searched for Puzo's, the latest from Rowling and ended up with Pink Floyd's biography. Thanks Nami, you really poisoned the boys. I was trying to make them understand why I preferred Led Zeppelin and Queen! I was trying to make them understand about Oasis!!!

My friend made a comment,
"Adik-adik Sha ni minat siapa? Dari tadi cari buku dia?"
"Oh. Nak completekan buku-buku Nami Cob Nobbler."
"Siapa tu?"
"Our favourite author," I answered.
"Tak pernah dengar pun?" she frowned.
"One day. Budak ni akan jadi legend. Macam Mario Puzo. Tengoklah," I smiled.

Aye, several weeks in the Kinokuniya Top Sellers have proven that.

Last week, I went for a date with one of my brothers. Well, my outing would not be complete without coffee. We went to Midvalley and had our coffee in different ways - my brother with his macchiatto. I enjoyed my lovely affogato. Small portion of coffee yet so meaningful and delectable. Look at the pictures. You see, that was the reason why we read Howard Shultz journey of bringing the Italian culture of drinking cofee to the whole world :)

We discussed about what we read, what we eat, what we drink, what we threw, whom we love and whom to hate. We discussed family.

Trust me, it took hours to talk about Puspa, the character in Nami's book. Then we quenched our thirst by drinking more coffee. When my brother finished his first cigarette, we realised that we talked about Rokok Nan Sebatang - which was one of Nami's blog.

Mario Puzo - The Family by cheryna_27
Mario Puzo - The Family, a photo by cheryna_27 on Flickr.
Then we went to Borders, searched for books and read Mario Puzo. Aye, the only thing my brothers could not digest was Austen's books that I loved the most. Apparently, I'm the only one in the family who read that. But we agreed that the next time we make a collection, it would be the sequel of Fifty Shades of Grey. As we passed Starbucks, we sat on the floor and discussed how Lelaki Eksistensial was not accepted to those who rejected it like how they rejected E.L James' books. But let's concentrate on Puzo. Let's concentrate on Nami Cob Nobbler first.

This evening, one of our followers in Twitter asked us about our names. Aye, Sicilian names. Konon. Well, we just could not helped it. Some people saw us tweeting each other and decided to join the family ceremony. Go ahead!

But that question made the four of us wonder about how Nami came into the picture with comfortable image. How parents could actually accept his book in our home without our parents calling it as a rubbish. I knew that my parents were actually trying to understand. We saw them with the book!

That also made us think, 
"If Nami could do it, then how about the other writers?"

Well, we came from the same womb, you see. Our mum told us that she breastfed the four of us.
If mum was calling something a could that person be the next Puzo, Rowling, or Nami?
Something was wrong somewhere.

Let's check our garbage today, shall we?


baby comel said...

wah, rajin membaca rupanya.. haii, baby singgah & follow sini..

Bitt (doubeIS) said...

wahh suka novel...
i follow u bebeh :)

Prince of Noob said...

wah ada buku lelaki eksistensial... done follow u

Cikgu Ma said...

eh, kat mana penah tegk buku lelaki eksistensial tu...semalam belek2 buku TABU, DOSA...eee...geram nyerr tak berduit ni...tak dapat beli..huhuhu

Rapunzeel Cikilolo said...

teringin nak ada buku lelaki eksistensial tu :)

zulaiha megat said...

kak zu baca novel melayu jer..hehe

shinji izac said...

saya baca novel melayu je kak..
novel omputih ni, kalo nk baca, kne pegang kamus je setiap mase :P

Dinas Aldi said...

Datang sini bawak invisible mangoes sebagai salam perkenalan, hehee. Terima kasih sudi ke blog akak.

Reading your post reminds me that I have yet to read Fifty Shades of Grey..

MAY said...

seme adek beradek suke mbace....:)

malunye nk speaking kat blog..sbb tkut besepah!!hihi..x kompiden lgsg..

Tengku Puteri said...

wah...bagus lah akak suka nih suka baca majalah ujang jer...kihkihkih....

Everything's Everythings said...

Wahh the whole family rajin bertwitter kan? ^^

The only english novels that I had ever read was Goosebumps and Mr Midnight,
that is when I was in highschool..

Novel dalam bahasa melayu pula satu pun tak pernah habis baca.. nnti kalau ada masa nk cari juga lah novel Lelaki Eksistensial ni..

boni kacak said...

kuat betul minum kopi ye?? namo namo namo.. bahaya tu

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Apple said...

Dang. Ianya menarik perhatian saya untuk mencari tentang Nami dan saya dapati dari beberapa tulisan tntang karyanya yang mana adalah kisah benar. Satu perkara sama tentang kisah benar ialah ianya selalu berakhir dengan tragedi atau ketidakseronokan akal. Terima kasih untuk review ini walau ianya tak serupa review lain. lol.

wahida said...

hubby aku suka minum teh tarik gelas besar...hehe..

Citarasa Rinduan said...

teruja knl kamu..
nanti kita tukar2 novel ya..

JaSSNaNi said...

betul2 akak kagum ngan kamu.. suka membaca novel.. almaklumlah.. akak tak suka membaca.. at this momment lah.. becoz banyak lagi keje lain kan.. kot2 nanti ada dan kena timing.. insyaALLAH.. :) kan

Leeza dayasari [santai leeza] said...

thx sbb berkunjung ke laman saya..

lupekanje said...

where did you store all the books that u and ur family owned? must be a thousand of books now..hehe

Treatntrick Treat and Trick said...

You're a great author as well as an avid reader! Look forward to your next project..

Si Matatajam said...

Dah lama tak baca novel...

Lady Windsor said...
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Lady Windsor said...

im more to paulo coelho..but maybe later wanna try mario puzo pulak..
arghh coffee is always my addict...try gloria jeans coffee...

im not a coffee lover before but someone gave me gloria jeans coffee seed and later on...can't start my day without cofee..rasa satu macam bila hirup kopi panas dalam pekat malam sambil mengadap tingkap rumah..

dear one fine day you shud come to + pie + book = heaven!

zeqzeq z said...

Tak minat citer khayal, best khayal sendiri

Dee said...

dulu2 pernah cuba baca novel sbb nak habiskannya lambat sgt..i give up..huhu...

si robot comel said...

hi selamat berkenalan:)

lelaki eksistensial saya habiskan masa study week. sangat best. pernah baca awek chuck taylor? nami yg tulis. tu based on true story. trylah :)

fiza said...

Dah lama tak membaca novel. Apatah lagi novel bahasa inggeris. Tapi buku lelaki eksistensial ni mcm menarik jer.

Wah twitter family ^_^.

kiera'sakura said...

ramai kawan2 dok beli buku tue