Tuesday, October 09, 2012

love bite, legging, espresso

IMG_64851 by Leesearle
IMG_64851, a photo by Leesearle on Flickr.
Early 90s

It was not that I didn't know Farid. I knew him too damn long to talk about him. But I didn't know his girlfriend.

I knew Farid since I was five years old. I was a girl with dresses yet I played Lego and trucks. I had a doll with smoky eyes and black lips. I thought that having a masculine doll was cool even though I had no idea what was the meaning of the word Gothic.

Farid was just a year elder. He was not handsome. Some people thought that he looked like an ET. But he was not famous because of his looks. He was known because of his troublesome character. Despite being an ustazah's son, he was quite naughty, a bit kinky. As his junior, I had always thought that if I could run away from Farid and his observant character, I would run a 100 miles.

The bad thing was, I had a crush on Farid's friend, Amar. He teased me several times about it. I felt like slapping him when he actually did it in front of my crush. Did you know that teasing a girl about her crush could result in 360 degrees of embarrassment?

I did. My crush on Amar lasted for a year. Thanks to Farid, Amar lost his cuteness.
Aye, he was cute. When GQ was the trend, Amar was the man.

Year 2000

Art Academy. I loved music and I thought of learning cak lem pong. Too bad, that night, we had to walk miles away from the hostel. We had to go to the hall and joined the seniors who played music.

Nevertheless, being a freshie made it fun to walk. During the first semester, nobody was allowed to bring a car. Everbody had to walk. Walking was nice when it was done in group. Walking made you as itchy as ever. Several average guy would walk with you and purposely chose the route to your hostel so that the conversation lingered to the gate.

So, what did you expect me to find after several miles of sweat?

He did not look like an ET. Apparently, his head formed a perfect shape at the age of 20, he had some muscles on top of the bones and a bit of flesh here and there. He was still the same person - in a nicer form, at least.

I kept quite. Did not say a thing because I was too afraid that he would suddenly recognized me.
Well, he did. After 30 minutes, he called me, "Amar."
Then he shrieked like a banshee.


Year 2001

I got used of seeing Farid at college. Well, he was still troublesome but from what I heard, he was the one who actually helped me throughout the things that I did not understand like subject registration  And even if he had helped, he did it discreetly and efficiently.

He never fished for expectation, compliment or complaint. He did it out of responsibility. He acted like a big brother even though in public, he appeared like a bully. The saddest part was that I failed to thank him for it;  I thought that he might be kinky, yet I was the snob.

One day, I went to the prayer room for Zohor. Things were normal until I wanted to fold my telekung. I just realized that a girl in a cute pink tube and mini skirt who actually joined our solat berjemaah.

Aye, I just realized that beneath those praying costume, everything seems to be "in place" - her breasts, rounded buttocks, locks of hair in the colour of ruby and...nice heels.She actually performed a prayer beside me! When she was done, she left with the normal picture of her self. She wore the shortest skirts which made her body almost transparent.

After she left the prayer room, she went to the alfresco near the cafe and smoked. It was broad daylight and I could see the hint of love bites on her white long neck while Salem filled the air.

That was also when I realized that the girl was hugging a man. The man was Farid.

Year 2012

"Memanglah saya dressing ikut suka kak...tapi pergi surau pakai legging tu...errrr..." Fatimah told me with a very dramatic gesture and facial expression.

"So, apa salah?" I asked.

"Kak...legging tu menampakkan bentuk kaki dia yang sekeping tu kak...tak elok! Tak bagus perempuan tu pakai macam tu..." Fatimah answered while her hands were typing on her Sony Xperia.

Damn, she was tweeting while talking to me!

I smiled at the girl who thought that drinking five shots of espresso was cool. She did not realized that she actually wasted her money on drinking five single shots instead of making it double double single. 

"Sekarang point kau ni apa, Fafa?"

"Kak...saya memang pakai bangle colourful dengan baju kurung kak. Tapi saya pakai juga arm extension untuk jaga aurat tangan saya," she said with a hint of victimisation. Just like Hindi movies.

"So?" I asked with my small eyes. If only she could understand the stare.

"Salah pakai legging tu kak!!!"

"Alright," it was a monotone.

"Kak, saya serius!" she said while flipping her blanket. No. That was a shawl. RM8 per piece bought in Ayer Itam.

I looked at the 25 year old before saying,

"So...sekarang...pakai bangle yang menarik perhatian dan berhias untuk orang lain selain dari suami tu betul? Mengumpat itu betul? Menjatuhkan hukum haram tanpa merujuk itupun betul? Cayalah..."

I grinned while she sipped another shot of espresso.

Wait, you sip an espresso?


Rapunzeel Cikilolo said...

kata dulang paku serpih?

Lady Windsor said...

dont judge a books by its cover...isn't?

Neeza Shahril said...

seronoknya Sha still keep in touch dengan kawan masa zaman kecik. Kak Neeza puas cari kawan tadika. Nama ingat. Spelling tak ingat. Cari kat fb pun tak jumpa.. :(

Amieynna said...

menghakimi itu biar Allah yang jalankan. Kita ni terlalu kerdil untuk cakap orang tu baik or jahat,

boni kacak said...


Len Inouie said...

Menatah dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih. Hahaha.. it tooks me a long time to 'digest' your blog in my mind because of so many words, simple yet poetic photos.

Thanks God (I don't really use 'lucky' or 'nasib baik')you keep coming to my blog and give comments. That makes me hitting back to your blog and come to understand more on how you wrote in nicely and perfectly.

I like that you can see the beautiful details in every simple things.. the eyes that I wonder. :)

Keep it up.

boni kacak said...

nak ngorat la kalau masih bujang..hahahaha.. :P

fiza said...

Kesimpulannya...jgn nilai org dari cara dia berpakaian.

Cikgu Ma said...

manusia berubah2..mana farid sekarang?

Rasp said...

sebelum menegur org...
cermin diri sendiri, erk...

Dee said...

a good one :)

wahida said...

wow...lamanya berkwn...

~ Cik Azz ~ said...

Farid baru je nikah dua minggu lepas... hehehe....

*Anak buah akak daaaa... :)

Kesuma Angsana said...

salam kenal, tq singgah berkomen di laman KA ye, dah follow u juga 301. happy blogging dear

Encik H said...

erks..tepat kena kat dahi..hehehe

Kengkawan said...

sembahyang itu mencegah daripada perbuatan mungkar, sepatutnya. ...

tetapi jika masih kekal mencintai keseronokan mengumpat, mendedahkan aurat, berhibur dan bershopping yang membawa kepada pembaziran, maka perlulah kita bermuhasabah, kerana mungkin ada ketirisan di mana mana.

ustaz yg cakap ye.
sekian. hehe

Apple said...

hmm.. manusia ni sukar dimengerti. kdg2 sesuatu dihalalkan jika menerima sokongan pihak terkuat, kdg2 sesuatu di haramkan kerana pengaruh politik.

hoping is one but trying is another. harap2 adalah perubahan.