Friday, October 05, 2012

purple itu milik siapa

Bed of Hydrangea *wink*
I love purple.

Ever since I was small, my parents have made it a point that my stuff should be purple. Purple dress, purple baju raya, purple pencil case, purple bag, purple blanket...purple...purple...purple...

I have always been remembered as a purple girl; especially when I was at work. My students stitched a pencil case made out of zips and it was purple. I got that when I was teaching the girl school in Seremban. I still keep it like I'm keeping best treasure in the world:)

Now, I'm working somewhere else and the whole stationery set is purple - from pencils, scissors, calculator, puncher, stapler, marker it. I have been given purple gifts by my office mates whenever they went for an outstation. Recently, my big boss went to Sabah and bought me purple pearl bracelet and brooch :)

My toiletries were purple too. Victoria Secret set was purple called Love Spell. I loved Crabtree and Evelyn and I loved Wisteria - the blue-purple set. Aye, even when I bought a block of soap by Lux, it would still be purple.

And the casing for my Galaxy Note was purple with purple ear phones. That was the reason why I bought white gadgets:)

When I was small, there were times when I actually chose purple food like aubergine, blueberry and grapes just because they were purple. Despite the taste, I ate yam cake and ice cream because of the colour. I painted my room purple. Oh, I was lunatic. (still is). It was well known. Purple was Sha and Sha was a purplelicious. Even my card holder was purple.

One day, this happened:
I was ecstatic to hear about a wedding news when I started to ask questions after questions to a friend. Aye, I loved wedding, folks. I loved everything about it - especially the ones with themes.

Purple Hydrangea - my most favourite, of course
"Nanti tema colour apa? Nak tempah baju!" I asked with excitement.

She kept quiet. Then she answered, "Purple."

I smiled. It was my favourite colour! But then she made a remark, "Mak dengan kakak aku yang pilih. Katanya comel kalau aku pakai purple."

My body froze. Wait, did I asked? Why was she explaining?

Few days after that the girls were asking me, "Sha tau tema dia warna purple?"

"Apa pulak tak tau? Itu soalan yang Sha suka tanya kan," I answered. 
"Sha okay?" they asked. 
"Macam mana dia boleh pilih purple? Kan colour favourite dia warna merah," they said.
I answered, "Mak dengan kakak dia yang pilih." 

Hydrangea cupcakes - never seen this

Something happened again several days after:

"Saya tanya dia tema warna apa," he said.
"Haaaa....dia pilih warna purple!" I answered with excitement.

He did not smile nor laugh. He stared at me.

"Kan itu warna kegemaran awak?" he asked.
"Yup! Saya pun banyak baju purple!" 
"Tapi...banyak-banyak warna, kenapa purple? Dah tau awak suka..." he started to grumble.

I interjected, "Dah mak dengan kakak dia pilih."

Then I smiled.

"Habis Sha...?"
"Ala, entah bila Sha ni nak kahwin, boss. Warna purple tu cantik. Macam-macam boleh buat," 32 off white dinosaur teeth appeared with sincerity.

Since then, I tried my level best. I tried to get involved in the wedding preparation.  Obviously, her sister played the most important part and even when purple was my favourite colour and I knew how to chose great purple stuff, the main decisions have to be made by her sister.

Well, that was her call :)

Frankly, I was taken aback at first. As someone who was close to me, I never expected her to choose my favourite colour as her wedding theme. At the same time, I have been thinking about whether she might liked my favourite colour (Which I doubt) but never showed it. Other than that, I felt that colour was not owned by why must we dwell into something puny?

Plus, the truth was....
Even if I get married, colour won't be the issue! Purple might not be the choice if I'm going to marry a dark guy like Angah Raja Lawak! Come on. I have to be realistic. It might be my favourite colour but it might not be right for my partner. 

Array of different colours of Hydrangea - my wedding theme *blush*

And by the way, who said that I would choose purple for my wedding theme? Aye, I like purple but if I'm going to choose a wedding theme, I might as well choose a flower. My aunt is a very good wedding planner. She created things using one's favourite flower. I remember when my cousin Shasha was getting married, she made the best creation using white orchids. On her own and it was done just in a nick of time!

So, you see...for obvious reasons, I would definitely crave for her touch too :)

Why hydrangea?
"In most species the flowers are white, but in some species (notably H. macrophylla), can be blue, red, pink, light purple, or dark purple. In these species the color is affected by the pH of the soil; acidic which can be taken up into hyperaccumulating plants.[2][3] For H. macrophylla and H. serrata cultivars, the flower color can be determined by the relative acidity of the soil: an acidic soil (pH below 6) will usually produce flower color closer to blue, whereas an alkaline soil (pH above 6) will produce flowers more pink."

Unlike any other flowers, hydrangea changes its colours according the soil. Besides, it stands as a beauty on its own without having to add any other flowers. It's kind of minimalist without losing its elegance:)

Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
Here is another reason to adore hydrangea. This girl, Blair Waldorf was my favourite character in Gossip Girl. Aye, she was inhuman, mean, smart, cruel, and hopeless romantic! In the Language of Flowers (a communication during the Victorian era), hydrangea means heartlessness or frigidness. Perhaps, that's the reason why in one of the episodes, a bouquet of hydrangea was given to Blair and she adored it.

You see, even though the meaning might not be in favour to my favourite flower, but I am sure that everything might be just on surface.

Some people just have this thing inside her which might need seeking. Regardless how we want to believe that the person is bad, I believe there must be something good which needs to be found and perhaps, developed.

Aye. I love hydrangea. I love Blair Waldorf. And...I have dreams. Don't accuse me of being a heartless spinster, okay :)

The akad for my dear friend, in good and in bad times, will be this evening. I will not going to be able to make it. Yup, am crying now, folks. I am now glad that I was with her when we went for the fitting :)

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Siti Marhamah Mohd Lani. 
Know that I will always love you and will pray the best for you, dear sister. 
Know that when he slid the ring on your finger, I will be working hard for both of us.
Have a great marriage leave ahead and stop worrying!!! (am covering your ass as always)

And by the way...I'm still unsure why am I sharing my wedding dreams in my blog. Having someone in life, already? *raising my eyebrows*

Well, these days people talk about buying a house even after going through  only two dates in Starbucks :)


Rapunzeel Cikilolo said...

hahahaha. kawen kena bincang sesama nak kaler ape.

mane boleh dominan!

Lady Windsor said...

goshh!! u like purple? me for me...purple is romantic, passionate and warm..other colour is lilac...err who is sha? is that u? hi sha! im sha too...hehe:)

wantie said...

akak tak pernah pun terap purple dalam hidup anak akak. tapi, lately dia boleh request utk cat the whole room colour purple!

just imagine, he is a boy. request for purple? oh no no no...

MAY said...

oh..fanatik purple..byk2 bju sy kale purple pink lately shopping dgn hubby tny mne ok..die msti tjuk purple.bli bju kurung br ni pun mcm tu..dark purple..aiyoo.dl mase bjang bli tshirt pun die suh je la..die suke tgk.hihi..i dun mind psl kale.mase wedding belah laki kami pilih purple.hihi..

Jna marcello said...

cantikkkkkkk! nty nk kawen nak buat camni jugak eh bole? hahaha ;p

Cikgu Ma said...

saya rasa minat biru kerana ia ditentukan oleh mak masa kecik walau mak tak maksudkan saya mesti pilih biru...skirt biru, seluar kecik biru, basikal biru...since that, i luv teh blue color...

tapi dah besar ni sapu semua kaler kecuali hijau, kuning atau ter lalu pink...girly sangat la pink2 nih...soft pink, may be...i can accept it ^_^

fiza said...

Owh...purple adalah kaler kegemaran saya selain dari biru.

shasha said...

kakak, kalau u want purple, can use pastel purple regardless of whether ur future hubby is dark or fair. i think kalau pastel purple songket will b nice.

Nurul Akmal said...

Cantik sangat.. Love it.. :)

Kengkawan said...

selamat pengantin baru to ur dear fren.
semoga yg baik berterusan n penuh warna warni.

norliha said...

purple mmg cantik lg kalau matching dgn pink....

Rasp said...

i remembered my mom used to make my world pink...
sampailah i was about 11 gitu...
i realised that why semuanya pink...
and why everyone started to give me stuff in pink...
so tetiba i changed my fav color to white...
my mom was shocked at first and lelama she accepted it...
but as time goes by...
i started to like all sorts of color...
and guess what...
setahun dua nie i am into purple lak hehehehe...

~Lynda Lum~ said...

kaler pasha... ^^ said...

My wife love purple..

Amieynna said...

saya suke pink. tapi xsemestinya kawen nanti kene pakai pink. kesian kat bakal suami yang saya pun tak tahu siapa die.. hehe..

Selamat Penagntin Baru Siti Marhamah..

Apple said...

last yar, my eldest bro got amrried and the theme was purple. then few months later, my cousin got married dan purple jugaklah pilihan. hujung tahun buat jamuan untuk atuk2 nenek2, tema baju keluarga dari pihak atuk (kami) yang perempuan memakai purple. and now my mum busy with this small biz making basket and most of the orders are the combination of purple. lol. guess purple is the best bila tgk kat vote yg bnyk camtu.
Hal memilih warna purple tu, maybe majority yg berkuasa so kawan tu terima je kot. ini membuktikan taste kamu baik. positif kan? haha..

Everything's Everythings said...

Thats true ^^
Since you like purple so much and you can wear purple everyday, why would you choose to wear the same colour on your special day kan? xD

Si Matatajam said...

M un suka purple..masa kawin pun pilih colour purple... M balas kunjungan dan follow sini..

LauraLeia said...

I have a friend who super loves purple too! But you're right, just because it's your fave colour doesn't mean you HAVE to use it for your wedding (for example). :)