Saturday, October 06, 2012

sushi marhamah

As at now, 1:55 a.m, 6th October 2012, I am allowed to call my friend, Puan Marhamah : )

I won't tell you in detail about how became friends but this is part of the story:

I always knew that Marhamah had a boyfriend. This girl loved to talk. We were not good friends back then. The problem was simple. I just could not stand her loud voice or the way she talked. I became irritated. On the other hand, she could not stand my bossiness and sarcasm.

I was a nightmare for her. She was rubbish to me.I mean, at that time I knew about things which I was not supposed to know; but I knew it anyway because I could hear what she was telling her friend even when I was sitting at the table nearby. Not exactly the same table but....aye...I could hear her out.
Plus, I hated her so much for being too open about her personal life to people. For example, I was not her friend but I already knew that she had a brother whom depending on her for studies, I knew she had a sister, I knew the amount she spent for laptop and etc. 

I just could not stand the unnecessary. I felt that it was just a waste of time. I trusted in privacy:)

But something happened. It made us changed the way we saw each other. One day, a girl name Zahrah came and approached me and said, "Sha tau tak Marhamah tu bukan budak baik?"

I just ignored Zahrah's question but she told me anyway. From the story I could tell that it was serious and if I kept things to myself and did not approach her, then I would stay as a prejudice and a judgmental person. See, I hated people who talked about others. My principle was easy, 

"Those who gossip to you has a high chance of gossiping about you."

It was true enough, in several occasions  Zahrah has been caught in providing false information which eventually caused me and Marhamah to quarrel. In reality, Zahrah has been proved as someone who has the tendency of making up stories. She loved to play the victim. In all occasions.

The comment that Zahrah was making about Marhamah made me shudder. It was heavy. It was sinful if it was not true.

So, guess what?

For the first time in several months of knowing how badly Marhamah was talking behind my back and ignoring her attitude, I confronted Marhamah. I asked her the truth. Aye, it was not easy, folks. At first I kept banging her and she retaliated and bang me back, but eventually we called the truce.

We found out that Zahrah loved to slander. We found out about how she made controversial remarks which caused dissatisfaction between us. We caught her lying and cheating on the facts.

It took 3 years for Marhamah and myself to get to know each other. Some times I felt that we never knew each other at has. She has been complaining that she get to call me "Sha" instead of  "Kak Sha" even though she was just another junior. My answer was, "We are in a team, closely related and cooperated."

Aye, I had to admit that she has not been treated like the other juniors. My expectation on her was quite high; sometimes I even swore at her for not meeting that standard. She cried, I knew, but I kept doing what I was doing. I knew that she wanted to quit but hey...if only she could see that it would eventually build her up:)

She is good now. Excellent. In fact I heard that she would be leaving me soon. I mean, obviously I would miss my partner who stays late in the office or someone to argue with. But I knew, if indeed the separation would cause her happiness, then I would let her go to pursuit her happiness. No more kakak tiri:)

Some people called her my sister - especially when we accidentally wear the same colour. Plus, she changed her glasses which looked almost like my 2 year old glasses. And...we had something in common called:


We loved sushi! We loved Japanese food. That was one of the first places which brought us together until her akad yesterday (yup...the tears). Both of us loved the baby octopus, she knew very well how fond I was with edamame, we loved unagi, smoked salmon, fish roe and takoyaki.

We loved everything and we had great moments even if it was just the two of us. The best sushi session we had was in Low Yatt where Marhamah taught me how to use a smartphone. That was what she good at and I owe her that. She was damn patient when I was running around just to find the purple casing for my Galaxy Note. We nearly missed our train that day.

Her husband was not a sushi fan. Well....perhaps...a session or two after this won't hurt, aye?

Now, I knew I would be missing her...very...very...much. One day, she won't be seeing me everyday. She won't have the chance of buying me the sugarless cofee in the morning. She might be somewhere else, making me proud as a mentor (yup...they said that I was the one who built her strong willed character).

Regardless, I knew that we have created memories together. From Nokia to Samsung. From thin frame glasses to thick black frames. From nobody to somebody. From Chilly's to Tony Roma's to celebrate our bonus. From foe to friends.

My Sushi Marhamah - I pray that she would be strong and happy. 
Congratulations, love. I know you're reading. This time, it's allowed:) 

Just can't understand the fact that someone proudly declared years of avoiding rice yet snobbishly informed everyone that she ate sushi. Come on, sushi was made out of what????


Amieynna said...

Baca entry sha pada pukul 4.28am dengan penuh konsentrasi. macam baca novel. penuh dengan pengajaran. i like!!!

boni kacak said...

sushi?? adeh.. saya tak pernah makan.. macam menakutkan je..

p/s : heh heh.. sebelum apa2, saya nak minta maaf sebab komen sikit2.. sebab saya memang buta english..jadi, saya tak dapat nak huraikan entri awak... im so sorry...

Apple said...

"I hated people who talked about others". So true. if she/he capable to talk bout others to you, she might hv done the same with others regarding you. talam 2 muka. Skrg ni Apple tgh menentang sekumpulan human yang camni demi anak bangsa. kejam tapi ini shj peluang yg Apple ada. lol.

Everything's Everythings said...

I like your entry xD
Im really bad at writing english myself though, but reading this entry which is in english is so much fun, so I will try to comment in english..

Good to know you made friends with your enemy, not just normal friends but close friends I suppose ^^
And congratulation to her.

Well I like some of the Japanese foods too like Udon, gyuudon, tempura,soba and depends on what kind of sushi xD

Remy hazza said...

remy love sushi too.....

Lady Windsor said...

..ur thought is just same with me. I never believe on rumours and i better ask em personally eventho it maybe can hurt someone..and i expect people do the same to me. Im more respect if they ask me directly rather then spread a gossip among them.
yeahh friendship never end if the basis is trust and respect each other. Marhamah is lucky to have you and you too....lucky to hv her in your life even as friend..

Nizam.Ariff said...

aku suka makanan tu...

Rapunzeel Cikilolo said...

akak chery, saya berhenti untuk run design calc to focus this entry.

wah, friendship is awesome. just wanna be like marhamah and get a mentor like u :))

Sharian Zamrinor said...

boooo...boooo cheryna...booooooo...boooooo......wahahahahahahahahahahahahaa

lupekanje said...

aaahhh...friend..good friend...
U made me missing my best friend...sobs..coz of the same married. After not seeing each other for 30yrs..3 months ago, we met. Having happy time together in our late nite smss till again, she has to leave me ..miss her so much. hopes she will be happy stying far far away with her new married hubby....

fiza said...

Tak reti nak makan sushi. Pernah try, tapi tak tertelan dek tokak ni ha.