Saturday, November 24, 2012

betina mulut puaka

Bakal dikucup dgn gincu merah ;-) by cheryna_27


Let's talk about the old blog posts and the recent tweets in Twitter, folks...

"Zaman stadium merdeka mana ada puaka betina di stadium.. "

I dedicated this post to my parents; whom I knew in my opinion were the best people to portrait a love story in the stadium. As a Manchester United fan who got married to a Liverpool fan; they were rivals.

So they decided to channel their love towards football in the stadium and all four of us were the result of their dates. They taught us to support our own state. Our own country. 

They brought us to places where no parents would want to bring their children at that time. They dressed us with football attires. 

It has never occured to me that after 30 years of living in this world, somebody would come out with such tweet. When my parents brought us to watch football at Stadium Merdeka, little did I knew about the names being called. 

Perhaps, at that time, nobody called her names like this. 
Perhaps, the boy who tweeted this has never met my mother in Stadium Merdeka. 
Or perhaps, his own mother had never watched football like mine did. 
Perhaps, our backgrounds were different after all.

"#LelakikeStadium sebab mereka bukan kaki disco"

In this post I have illustrated how supportive my parents were towards supporting local football and Zami Mohd Noor was my favourite footballer. 

Perhaps, this person has forgotten that Zami was one of those boys who were caught because of going to disco in the era of 90s while presenting the country. He was also called, a "Disco Boy" back then. I believe that the person who tweet the statement above might have forgotten the history. Well, our media was not good in keeping archives. So, I understand where he was coming from. Even if I said that out loud, he would have said that a lady knew nothing. Nothing at all. 

Perhaps he would made fun of me, don't you think?

Perhaps he could not recalled Zami as Zami was not playing for Kuala Lumpur; but for Negeri Sembilan. Perhaps our teams were different after all. The states were different. The teams were different.

Who would have thought that I'm travelling three states a day? :)

Perhaps he have forgotten that we were in the same country; embracing the same culture, regardless the gender.

Blog post: 13 Oktober 1982 

"Mohon kepada wanita yang masih juga berani dan ingin bergomol di dalam curva supaya menghalalkan tangan ini supaya meraba anda!ultras kan!"

I dedicated this post to Ultras Malaya and did mentioned, "Ultras Malaya was born by males who, from my own perspective, believed in "greatness comes from madness". I have never mentioned female as the founders.

I have never said anything bad about them because they were good people, at least to me. Based on my experience, I have never been touched in an inappropriate manner before. In fact, I was helped when my scarf fell down or when I lost sight of my brother in a huge crowd of Malaysian fans during Singapore vs. Malaysia, where the crowd was unforgettable compared to other games).

I had also said this, "I was just one unnoticeable female in a huge crowd of males;yet I was proud."

Perhaps, the person who tweet this did not understand that there was a minority of female who could stand the smoke, the male sweat, the noise and the fear of not wearing wedges to football matches. If they have the training for more than 20 years, well, they could not be bothered about all that. 

Perhaps, he didn't know that I always had my brothers, my brothers' friends, my friends around me who would be able to protect me as long as I did nothing wrong. 

Perhaps, he did not even realised that I knew where to stand in the crowd. Definitely when my boobs were about to be protected. 

Perhaps, he just did not know that I watched football not since yesterday but since I was four (which I could remember).

Perhaps, he just didn't know me at all :)

Or perhaps, he would love to send the message to his friends who brought their girlfriends there. He could not stand the temptation of two globes called breasts.

Perhaps, he was just helpless.

"Bak kata rakan aku yg lagi satu ni,kaum hawa yg pompang citer pasal ultras ni nak jadi TWEETFAMOUS..attention seeker ler tu.nak no tel boleh"

Perhaps he just knew that type of women and he grouped all women as one :)

"berapa kali ko nak ulang wahai pompuan.aku dah boring dengan presentation ko tu.jgn cakap je,sila bagi black and white." 

I dedicated this post to all girls. This post was taken from personal experience. I have never counted the number of matches of Malaysia playing against Singapore, frankly :) 

And...this picture is showing the tickets for the match tomorrow :) 

I was sick for several days since last week and have been on MC for a while.
Forgive me for my lack of visits to your blog:) 

I woke up early this morning with only few bucks in my hand. I knew the ticket would be a bit expensive for a huge family like us but this would be our "vacation" so why not? 

So, I took the train from Seremban at 9:30 and reached Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil around 10 am. My mission was to have this. 

Guess what folks? I cried. 

I had a runny nose, coughed like nobody's business and made an attempt to ensure that my temperature went below the level. I knew I was sick. I knew the doctor would want to see me again. But this was what I called love, folks. This was what I called passion. 

Perhaps, tweets were thoughtless.
We should just ignore them when we knew deep down who we were and what made us the person we are today.

Support Harimau Malaya!

cHiSHa cHeRyNa PiRes
writing with AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 tickets and a black t-shirt under her pillow tonight


klcitizen cikgunormah said...

Oh arini citer pasal bola ;) hv fun sha . Akak memang buta huruf pasal bola :D

baby comel said...

Entri panjang kak Sha tp kita suka!
I love football too since tadika lagi rasanya. Jadi saya tau perihal & perasaan menjadi seorang fans yg benar2 fans. bukan setakat jerit2 tp nothing. Especially bila team m'sia kalah ko kutuk. bila menang baru la nak bercerita baik2, puji melangit.. (Menang kalah perak ttp juara dihatiku) ehh? :p

Hope team kita doing well malam ni, kak Sha selamat menonton kat stadium, pls take a very good care. jgn salah pegang tgn org nanti hehe =) saje mengusik

~kan best kalau ada geng or teman yg punya minat sama, boleh tengok & bersorak sama2. org sebelah saya?? herrm, langsung xminat bola ni. & i feel alone :( alololo,

kiera'sakura said...

kadang sebal jugak pesen org tuit tak guna akal nie kan kak sha. main tuit je tau la tue akaun kau pn la tapi agak2 la. kadang kita sndiri menunjukkan kebodohan diri sndiri kan. kira ckup tak suka org yg berpemikiran sempit nie.

Kak Sha please take care of urself bebaik ye. mkn ubat dan jgn minum ais byk sgt. jgn berjemur tengah panas sgt ye. jaga diri tau!!!

zeqzeq z said...

coool keluar dari hawa dingin,
suam sila masuk berhawa dngin.
Senang bergomol, kurengg peloh

d0tbl0gsp0td0tk0m said...

tgh tgk tv.. tetiba tertgk tv1... emmm harimau malaya sedang ketinggalan dengan singa... 0 - 3...

ntah la.. no komen....
teingat sorang kawan yg dpt projek sukom 98 sukan basikal....

aku tanya dia... bes ke jadi atlit nih?..

jawabnye..".. penat kao... pepagi bangun... kayuh 200 kilo... ptg plak berlatih kat gym.... "...

macamana nak menang... tak de langsung psikologi nak berjaya...

ntah le..

boni kacak said...

jangan pedulikan mulut puaka tu.yang penting kita tau apa kita buat.. dan selamanya kita akan sokong harimau malaya.. :)

Rai Ourkizuna said...

adehh..saya memang fail bab bola.. dan tweeter..

da baca dua kali tapi tak berapa nak paham T_T

sorry kak sha..

Wak Gelas™ said...

wak pon dh lama X tengok bola jugakkk.. UUhhu

wahida said...

frust dgn game mlm tadi...

apapun, aku tetap support harimau malaya!!


Remy hazza said...

teruskan sokongan ke harimau melaya..... walaupun kalah.... semangat kita tetap ada.......

Syara Mohammad said...


Hello sweetness... Well, watching football is waaaayyyy a good lifestyle. Why? Rather than nothing.

When a Manchester married a Liverpool. They still under the same nation. And, we still have Harimau Malaya to unite us. And, Negeri Sembilan too.

You are saying about a racist and sexiest tweet account? I bet that guy/boy never been taught on how to respect ladies. If his mom did, then he's such a lame person. Sorry to say that.

Jna marcello said...

Kak sha na salute gilaa kak sha nye pendirian..kak sha mmg supportive gila...apa pun jd kak Sha tetap stick 2 the 1.. *bangga

kalau Na kan kak sha./.da awal2 Na frust..Na kecewa.. Na sedih..Na ni mmg xbole pakai taw ;)

hainom OKje said...

Wah... Sha ni memang betul -betul fanatik bolakan!!! mesti seronok berkongsi minat yg sama ngan parent!

atty's said...

kty lak x suka bola,walaupun masa kecik pantang ada game, mak ngn abah mesti hangkut kty..

Dee said...

ur love towards doubt dear..keep on supporting..btw harap sha dah sembuh lah ye..

Kesuma Angsana said...

sedikit keciwa dgn resultnye huhuhu

wantie said...

yup.. sokong kamu. lelaki kaki bola lebih baik dari yg kaki disko.

akak ok je bila hubby gila gila minat bola. sokong lagi ada le.