Friday, November 09, 2012

ekau ni jobo!


If you want to describe a person who has a healthy self-love attitude, you may call the person a narcissist.

If you want to describe the act of a self-love attitude, you may call the act as narcissism.

And there is a personality disorder by the name of NPD which is the abbreviation of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Okay. The word is quite difficult to pronounce, but practice makes perfect.

Nay, I'm not trying to teach you English here, folks. I'm not an English myself and I'm still learning so I'm not the right person to teach. Some of you might be better than me so by all means; if I'm making any mistake in my post, whether it is the facts or the grammar, you may provide me with the feedback.

Last night, I received a message from a friend who was asking for an opinion on the statement below:

"Sebenarnya kalau kau kata kau addict pada kopi, adakah sampai tahap kau gigil, hidung berair & mata merah kalau tak dapat? If NO, kau tak. Oh, simptom2 tu ada pada aku bila tak dapat kopi. Jadi aku tahu kenapa aku minum kopi sedemikian rupa :)"

At that time, my brother brought me out for a treat. There was this pizzeria near our house and my brother had instantly thought about me the moment he saw the word affogato. So, yesterday, we had our coffee in the rain. It was superb! That was when we learned about Segafredo Zanetti; the coffee that we drank yesterday. That was when we learned:

As a human, coffee was just part of life - the liquid which was consumed on a daily basis without sugar.

As a former barista, coffee was work.

As part of Starbucks, I took all my coffee journey seriously and learned about it with tremendous effort for my beloved beverage and realistically, my beloved career. I was also certified by my former employer.

As a bookaholic, I read all sort of books including business and biography books of Howard Shultz and Chicken Soup of Coffee Lover's Soul.

Having said all that, I won't give myself a self-proclaim title, "coffee addict, connoiseur, caffeine aficionado" and what not. In my opinion, if your loved ones knew that you loved something, they just knew you. If you loved to write about something you love and close to you, then your own piece of art should be able to describe you as a person or as a writer.

I received another message about another statement in Twitter:

"...suruh org camtu try espresso 5 shots terus. entah2 makan gula2 kopiko je tu."

My brother's treat - thanks @donzamrinor ;-)
My brother's treat last night:)
I was barista. You could guessed my reaction :)

Then I munched the bruschetta and drank the affogato. I had never asked my brother to order those but like I said, if one knew what you liked, then there was no need of narcissistic statement. There was no need to tell the whole world that you were good at something or need something. People just knew it.

There was no need to brag about drinking five shots of espresso at one time. There was nothing to be proud of. You should ask a real barista the amount of coffee they have to consume each day.

And there was no need to condemn others, don't you think?

Another message received:

"Kau kutuk aku. Tapi kau beli buku aku. Motif?"

Amboi. Berlagak! 

I cringed.Antologi Cerpen was a compilation of short stories. So, technically it was a book which was shared by several writers. The way one writer was claiming an ownership of 19 writers' hard work was totally unfair.

When I reached home, I have decided to rip off more books. From the same writer.
So much of narcissism. So much of arrogance. I don't have any regret of doing this any more.

In Negeri Sembilan, we have a term for narcissism. It's called...

What do you call a narcissist at your place, folks?


Dee said...

hahaha..mmg JOBO lah..

atty's said...

dulu masa keje company lama mmg selalu guna perkataan jobo nie..
bagi kami jobo = sengal=poyo lah

fiza said...

JOBO jugak...kita satu SIL suka guna perkataan nih.

Lady Windsor said...

in my place, which far in east coast, maybe the same word with jobo is "do'oh" or similar to over action..

Sha, whatever...i learn a lot of English session here. Sometimes i dare to write in English when blogging because kalau nak tunggu perfect, memang tak akan pandai..i wish i banyak duit, gi travel kat Europe tiga bulan, balik KL sure pandai bagai..muehehe!

Cikgu Ma said...

addict tu mesti ketar2 ke? haha

ada 1 buku antologi cerpen dari Ophan Bunjos yg saya beli...

boni kacak said...

narcisim tu apa ye??

awak ni, tak bahaya ke minum kopi?? ketagih kat kopi?? bukan ke dia ada kaffein?

4feet8 said...
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4feet8 said...

kekeke..asal sy pon terasa entry nih..? kdg2 bila eksaited bercerita, benda xyah cerita pun boleh tercerita..hehe..tQ bg reminder..hihi..


Ekau Jangan nk JOBO..den pijak2 kang...hehehehe...dah namo org Nismilan...samo yo la sobut eh..

Kengkawan said...

when i was in school, we called them Bebagus shortened for perasan bagus, few years back those jobo person r known as POYo.
sometime SS stands for syok sendiri.

but jobo sounds cool! i like

hainom OKje said...

Entahlah Sha... tak de spesifik term kot ada jugak okje curi curi dgr anak anak okje pya term .... He...he... ' bajet' rasanya tu lah yg paling tepat

Khalilah MNor said...

Bermegahan/sayang diri sendiri melampau/excessively self-centered...

Dan sgtlah annoying... :)

Kat tempat sendiri tak tau la panggilan specific apa sha...Tapi, kalau dlm rumah sy, org takabbur kot? :)

Pocket said...

err.. syok sendiri?

tapi pocket macam pernah baca pasal someone yang 'konon'nya terlalu addictive dengak kopi...
tapi berdarah idung pasal tak kena tu terasa berlebihan :D
tangan ketar tu maybe...
agitated or irritated.. eh biasa lah tu :)

Remy hazza said...

remy memang tak addict ngan kopi but really enjoy during the barista show kat opis setiap kali ada supplier bawak new product...ataupun supplier day.... really respect their to make the perfect coffee..timing , skil , mix and blend .dapat merasa keenakan coffee around the world.... so remy respect apa yg sya buat !

speckurosaklagi said...

kopi free lagi sedap..


baby comel said...

huhu, tak pernah minum kopi & xprefer pun kopi tu =)
~Jobo, errm tak pernah dengar. Poyo tu ada la.. senang cakap 'dasmu' je. hehe,

Jna marcello said...

kak sha TQ baru na belajar pasal narcissism and narcissist
sama macam pessimism golongan orang yg berfikiran negatif dan pembawakkan nye dipaggil pessimist dan bg golongan positive is optimism dan org yg positive tu dipggil optimist !!! btul kan na kalau na salah!!! TQ kak sha for sharing this!!!!!!

Jna marcello said...

ohh lupa lakk soo untuk org yang narcissism tu klau group na pggil "budget"

Rapunzeel Cikilolo said...

kalau aku tak jadi ape yang aku jadi sekarang, aku teringin sangat nak jadi barista :)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

be careful what u're wishing for,darlinh ;-)

Rapunzeel Cikilolo said...

hihihi. tau itu takkan jadi kenyataan :)

Faezah Zee said...