Monday, February 04, 2013

nami cob nobbler and i

“I want to create a cologne that smells like a whisper. It’ll be for all the secret admirers out there.

Teh Tarik Gelas Besar. 

In that post, I had described the things which had happened between me, Nami's late girlfriend, Ezmira and the guy himself. Things were just Twitter. Well, we all knew that Twitter was just another deceiving social media :)

I have never thought that one fine day, a friend whom I regarded as a sister opened up the opportunity for me to meet the author of Awek Chuck Taylor and Lelaki Eksistensial. My involvement for the event that I held dearly called Buku Jalanan Seremban included the task to pick Nami up and brought him to the park. 

Well, I thought it would be a very bad idea.

I thought that I would struggle talking to this guy who appeared somewhat arrogant and too confident in Twitter; a guy who thought that he could act like the ancient book of Liverpool Football Club, or Wikipedia and Google. Aye, I like intelligent guys but I surely dislike snobs :p

Aye. I received negative feedbacks when I learned to like his books, his blogs and even his tweets. But I had this view which might be different; which I perceived as personal and belonged to my own self.

Well, we have to accept that we live in the world that not everybody love us and most people would just hate us - with or without reasons. I'm not talking about other people - I'm talking about myself. Realistically, I am accepting my flaws as a room for the critics but occassionally, I chase the critics out as I need space for myself to grow.

I believe that this applies to everyone and Nami is included.

Our first meeting went well. As expected we talked about football and books. But this second meeting was the most importing meeting of all since this was where we planned to meet each other. It started with food but eventually it went on to football games, mamak and...books.

I was not saying that I was too ecstatic. I was just implying that sometimes things were unexpected. I was not a fanatic yet I am a firm believer that everyone should not be judged on physical appearances and social incapability. Sometimes we expect too much from a person and we tend to get frustrated when the person did not appear as what we wished them to be.

Okay. So Nami was not handsome. He was not cool. He was just being himself and he got several similarities with me and I should be bored with his presence. 

But one thing for sure - he was another human being, a man, a Liverpool fan, a reader, a writer, a person with Twitter - a combo which made him interesting as a friend. Of course, people have their own issues, and so do I.

What I am trying to say here is that...
If you don't try to accept people for what they are, you won't realise that you are actually learning life, learning about yourself and learning to accept things as they are. Sometimes, trying is not the issue. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and naturally, you will suddenly accepting a new friend :)

Aye, it was kinda funny when he made statements like, 
"Kau layan jugak Maharaja Lawak? Aku ingat kau suka benda hip je."
"Kata hormon lelaki terlebih tapi tengok Bale tu macam perempuan jugak. Ke engkau ni gay?"

Obviously personal judgement and imagination wee totally different entities, don't you think?

Who would also thought that after hours of lepaking with the boys, I eventually managed to describe Lelaki Eksistensial! Hehehe :)

Topics. Expectation. Physical Attributes. 
Do you really care about that? How choosy could you be? 

With those thoughts in my mind, I slept for 3 hours this morning and went to work :)
Life goes on, folks!


LydSunshine said...

Betul ke he was not cool? Kalo tak cool canner bleh sembang banyak benda dgn Sha? Atau cool tu ada maksud lain? Bagi saya seseorang tu kalo dia boleh bersembang banyak benda dgn kita, pastu boleh buat lawak skit2 dah kita cool la. Di pandangan Sha plak cemana?

4feet8 said...

mm..baca cerita sha, teringat cerita Yes Man, apa yg berlaku 'semasa' dia jadi org yg menjalani rutin yg sama setiaphari dan 'selepas' dia berusaha membuka mindanya pada semua.
jap-jap. sha nampak tak apa yg sy cuba sampaikan nih..

Dee said...

ok..kita kenalah accept others..every human unique kan..accept them as what they are..kalau rasa xleh get along..then distance yourself :)

Remy hazza said...

terima org seadanya.......kenal dan baru hakimi......

Rapunzeel Cikilolo said...

sokong dengan perkara yang bila apa yang kita jangkakan tidak menjadi...

lepas tu baru ada kuasa memilih keputusannya :)

kiera'sakura said...

setiap org ada hak untuk menilai siapa dan bagaimana org tue atas penerimaan hati dan akal kita kan kak. tp ada jugak org yg blh terima cara seseorang tue depends pada org tue kan kak :D

tak pernah lagi baca buku tue tapi ramai yg cakap best. dan tak reti nak menggambarkan penulisnya jugak sbb tak jumpa dia mcm yg kak sha pernah jmpe hihihi :p

Kesuma Angsana said...

sambut sama hitam hati lain2 kan.. lamanyer x menyinggah kat sini

Len Inouie said...

Well.. i am no name,no writer, no cool no anything compared to Nami.;p

About the flower date.
Kinda making me nervous.
I am no good in impressing either.

Well.. I have no expectation.
I just hope that I worth someone's precious time.



Rai Ourkizuna said...

kalau ada twitter tu saya dah kira cool kak..sbb saya tak reti bertwitter.. hahaha..

betul..actually nak kata..ada masa saya pun rasa husband saya tak macam yg saya nak..dia tak pernah bagi bunga.. tapi ada masa dia buat something yg out of saya punya expectation dan buat saya rasa cam eh bestnya..

what im trying to say adalah.. kita accept orang the way they are..mungkin kita tak dapat apa yg kita expect..tapi kita akan dapat something else yang kita tak expect.. :D

rindu tulisan akak :D

norhidana miswan said...

kemana lama menghilang? rindu nk baca hasil nukilan