Saturday, March 02, 2013

bottom of the table

My belongings. Sehati Sejiwa!!!
“You're reaching out 
And no one hears you cry
You're freaking out again
'Cause all your fears 
Remind you another dream has come undone 
You feel so small and lost like you're the only one 
You wanna scream 'cause you're 
You want somebody, just anybody 
To lay their hands on your soul tonight 
You want a reason to keep believin' 
That someday you're gonna see the light 
You're in the dark 
There's no one left to call 
And sleep's your only friend 
Well even sleep 
Can't hide you from all those tears 
And all the pain and all the days 
You wasted pushin' them away 
It's your life, it's time you face it ” 
- David Archuleta, Desperate

8 games played. No win. 5 draw. 3 losses.

Still, I am here to be with Cinta. I don't care bout the number of times we did not win. I don't care if we are a draw specialist. All I know is that if you are passionate about something, you better show it in action. There is no point barking in Twitter, following football fans page and sigh like a mad man when the team is not showing the result that you want.
We are at the bottom of the table.
But why should I bother? 

The reason why I called football as Cinta is very simple. When we love someone, we make sure that we stay with that person for better or worse, just like All 4 One's song back in 90s - I Swear. We ensure that the love will be equally given (perhaps will be given more) when the hard time comes, when the lost is apparent or even when there is nothing more that the other half has got to give.

That is our Cinta towards a person.
This is my Cinta towards the game.

I wish that I can love other things that you love. I wish that I can show off the materials that you are proud of. I wish I can talk about the things that you want you hear. But above all, the only thing that matter is for me to be me.

Let me stay loyal.

If you can't accept the pain of being at the bottom like I do, just go. I wish you all the best in getting the love that you want where there is no trouble, everything lies in a pool of sweetness and lollipops and rainbow Lola cakes or even a durian crepe :)

Go ahead and love one man, I don't care.
I have space for eleven.

Sehati sejiwa!

cHiSHa cHeRyNa PiReS
chanting at STAR of Paroi, Seremban N9


Dee said...

buat macam k dee tak minat bola..xyah amik tau..kihkihkih..

Cik Qemm said...

suke tengok akak post gmbr2 pegi tengok bola.
qemmal tak pernah pergi tengok bola kat stadium tau!

kena masuk wish list ni hehe