Saturday, March 23, 2013

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#kopi and #bola
Thank you for those who were still visiting this blog even though the host was not around for a while. Frankly, updating blog was not as easy as few years back. Sometimes I even wondered whether I should still keep the the blog or just left it.

As we grew older, our commitment changed. We needed simpler and faster way to communicate, let alone live in the easiest way. Robots were created to replace most of our daily chores - some performed more than our physical ability yet some people were still craving for human touch.

Well, I would say I needed a simpler tool to blog. I knew for a fact that I could use my phone - well, I have two phones in fact, which people categorized as smart.

But as a traveler, and as a human, I needed something sustainable. A longer battery endurance, a keyboard to feel the emotion while writing and the ability to correct whichever things that I wrote the moment I reread my posts and despised it. Well, I have not found that one specific thing yet. So blogging was at times, left out from my daily routine.

Some people thought that I preferred twitting than blogging. Well, let me say this out loud:
Y.O.U were W.R.O.N.G.

If you have met me, then you would know about how talkative I could be. I loved talking - it was not really a good trait yet I loved words. Twitting was not really making me happy in expressing - some people thought whatever I wrote was serious when it was not. Besides, the mentality was different. In Twitter, less people care about your grammar or spelling. I have been acknowledged as someone who made less mistakes yet I did and I just laughed it off, knowing that friends were friends, some of them really loved to tease.

Once, I had mentioned "...angkat hari tengah..." instead of "angkat jari tengah" - I have been a laughingstock for the whole day. I laughed. I made jokes about myself in the end. Well, I made mistakes so why should I just admitted that I made one and just tried to be careful in the next few weeks (or even purposely make mistake for another round of jokes).

But there were tweets which made me extra careful. Those were the tweets to @BukuFixi few days back :

Read from the bottom!!!

So, that fifth winner was me. Aye aye! That was me. I finally managed to get the book that I wanted for free just by twitting a picture of the books. So, that was it. I won KLCC ! This book was very meaningful book for me because:
  • I love books - well, you could tell that I was a bookaholic.
  • Fixi - well, let's just say that they managed to make me obsessed with their books. #UltrasDayangNoor
  • Limited Edition - As much as I craved for Pandora bracelets and trying to catch up with the limited edition charms, this was one of the things which needed limited edition attention!
  • KLCC - aaaahhhh...I stepped into this building like...everyday? Whenever I looked at it I felt the love. 
  • Purple! - good gracious Fixi. Just look at what they were doing to this purplelicious lady :P
There would be another post about this book - insyaAllah. Perhaps later :) 

And then...there was another contest the next day. Guess what? I participated in that one too. Hehe :)

These were my attempts in winning the book (and it was fun!!!):

Well, I looked very ambitious didn't I? And this was the result:

Which one was the winning tweet? Well, you could visit BukuFixi's blog by clicking the link :)

There was only one reason for being overexcited in winning Asrama, the novel written by Muhammad Fatrim. I was a hostelite! Personally, this was something that I have been looking for ever since Budak Setan  and my asrama days (which was like 10 years ago?!) :)

My point in this posting (besides telling you that I won two books from Fixi, of course) was that there were tweets that you wrote with leisure or without serious thinking. As stupid as it sounded, it would not bring any return to you in the end. But we would never know. The last time I had gently told someone that karipap was not amusing, I have been mentioned (without mentioning my tweet-handle) as makcik or orang tua.

I was not saying that my tweet-handle was the cleanest, heaven knew that I have been balder dashing people as well as making stupid jokes on serious things. Perhaps that made the contest challenging as I had to wait. Frankly I won the contest in the bus while traveling back from work. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban was filled with attempts. Luckily it paid off.

Perhaps, I should be concentrating on these types of tweets later on?

Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes emotional banter just won it all. And that, ladies and gentlemen, made me missed blogging so much. 


Nizam.Ariff said...

Tahun ni nak tulis buku lagi la... tengah cari semangat dan idea...

jelita said...

terimakash atas infonya