Wednesday, April 03, 2013

and the winner goes to...

And the winner goes to.... @cheryna27 ! :)

"Books have a unique way of stopping time in a particular moment and saying : Let's not forget this."

Let's not forget this:

The date when I won the contests by Buku Fixi.

It has been a great pleasure to receive the books this afternoon. I went and picked them up personally from the mailing room as I could not wait for it to be delivered. Frankly, I was too excited when I received it until I ripped the plastic in the elevator which was full of people. One of them was my Chief :)

The books were in excellent condition. As I stopped blinking at the first sight of the books, I just could not mentioned any words. Purple was indeed my favourite colour, KLCC was The Building for me and asrama was my past. The books were awfully beautiful!!!

For the past few years of reading Fixi and owning the books, I could say that Fixi has evolved a lot in terms of providing good materials. I believe I won't be disappointed with the content of these two books...yet it was too early to say things.

Let's feast our eyes on this. Dari mata jatuh ke hati? I hope so.

For those who are planning/not planning to buy these books, let's visit Fixi's website- who knows you would want to join the club of owners (click here)

Thanks again, Fixi. I appreciate this opportunity of winning and wishing for more chances to come :)

cHisHa cHeRyNa PiReS
-grinning the whole day-