Thursday, July 11, 2013

wedding speech - khaliza khalid - fixi novo

My private collection :)
Wedding Speech

Khaliza Khalid

Publisher: Fixi Novo
266 pages


The two remain together until Yus loses his scholarship and is forced to part ways with Kelly. Too late for him, he discovers his feelings for her aren’t skin deep. Years later, they reconnect in Kuala Lumpur. Yus’s love for Kelly remains strong and so he attempts to ruin her marriage to win her back.

Just a piece of advice:
Get a dictionary before reading this book. 

Actually, it is not that bad. It's just that most people are busy with Candy Crush, they will save the battery for the game and forget Merriam Webster in their smartphone. Conventional dictionary or Thesaurus? I don't think so. Yet, that is the the requirement of the book.

Buku Jalanan Seremban celebrated their 365 days of operation few weeks ago and they have extended the invitation to Buku Fixi . Frankly, I searched for their booth the moment I reached TM Bistro. Well, I missed the launching in Publika (which was not intentional), all my Fixi Novo's books were from the first print (and I was proud of that) and the cover for Wedding Speech was awesome!

Look at the colour and simplicity of the book, folks! And just enjoy the quality. Fixi Novo has never failed to amaze me.

I spent the first three days of Ramadhan reading the book and thanking Fixi for the awesome planning of releasing Novo's books. This was not the wisest decision, I would say, knowing the content would contradict the spiritual fights that I must endure as a Muslim. Regardless, with an open mind and knowing that reading was part of learning, I made sure that whatever I read in there was not purely emotion and some things needed objectivity.

Besides, this was what the book missed at certain point - true emotion. 

It has got to do with all aspects including the character, the intricate words, the short sentences and the whole story line. I have to admit that as a traveler and reader at the same time, I am a bit lost with certain part of the story. There are times when I everything is too connected or repetitive up to the extend that I feel like going round the circle.

The main character might not be my favourite but that is totally normal, knowing that I always have a thing with villains. Well that would explain why I Karr  :)

Regardless, this is not a useless effort. The underlining of this story must be learned and understood. There are new things to be discovered for those who think that life revolves around Muar only. 

It's just that I feel that the book is too "Fixi" at the ending. I hate twisted stuff. It doesn't appear exclusive anymore because most Fixi books are twisted. Eventually, this whole twisted thing in this book just burst the anger of the reader. Like me.

If you are against alternative books, try run 100 meter from this book as you might tweet craps in Twitter - condemning the book for no reason at all. Read. I don't want to say much. Just read. No regret :)

3 stars for the book as it's not there yet. Almost - that's what I can say. Fixi Novo has improved a lot.
Good job and keep it up Fixi!  :)


4feet8 said...

kelly kembali pada yus semula?

baby comel said...

sejatikah cinta yus pada kelly tu? macam tak patut je kalau sanggup musnahkan rumah tangga sendiri utk sesuatu yg kita tak pasti. Ahha, kalau dapat baca ni mesti best kan

Sharmin Jeet said...

I really like how the story ends. Was totally surprised, and about dictionary, very much needed, specially for Kelly's SAT words. Haha.